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94.7 2013 Results bell curve


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I allways wonder where I am on the results bell curve. So I hacked up a racetec screen scraper, import csv to libreoffice calc, and vola, a bell curve:


I also thought that it would interesting to see each group on the bell curve, but unfortunately it's unreadable. (Dito for age groups)


One thing you can see from this is that the earlier groups have much bigger bunches.


Looking at only a few groups at a time is quite interesting though: I'll see if I can come up with a way for you to turn individual groups on/off.


Each data point is 2 minutes. e.g. the for the first data point, 26 riders finished between 2:08:00 and 2:09:59.


P.s. Agteros: Sorry I cut your time off the graph, but otherwise it would have to be 3 times bigger :whistling:

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Gary this is really cool, I have a few suggestions.

1. Increase the 2 min bin width to smooth the data a bit.

2. Change the y-axis to be a percentage- easier to interpret and compare e.g across groups

3. Show another version of the graph which shows cumulative distribution I.e total % of people finished by x time- would make it nice to see for example if I improve my time by say 5 minutes my position in distribution would change by say 6%.

4. It would be really cool to see the distribution for a couple of years.

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As far as I know there were only two times slower than 10 hours.

Could you do a bar graph on group sizes?

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