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Tankwa Trek live stream

Ozzie NL

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Only starts today at 3pm?

Hmm OK the FB page I saw mentioned a 9am start.


You got a link to page where you can watch?

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Rude awakening for these guys. I'm sitting in Worcester and its 41deg outside, will probably hit the high between 3 and 4pm.. eish. Best to do is soak yourself before you start, however the air is so dry here you'll be dry within 30 minutes.

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@robbertden’s big crash in leading group @tankwatrek today. He hit the deck at 35-40 km/h and got run over by couple of guys. He wasn’t able to finish due to injuries

Eina! Hopefully he recovers soon.

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Tankwa Trek tweeted:

Just in - Team @FactoryRacing back in the lead and on their way to the finish. @avancinimtb and @ManuelFumic Did team @PygaEuroSteel and @TeamBulls take a wrong turn somewhere? One can only wonder... Stay tuned!



Disaster for the South Africans @PygaEuroSteel and @TeamBulls as it is just confirmed they took a wrong turn somewhere into the finish. First to cross the line are the yellow jerseys @FactoryRacing @avancinimtb @ManuelFumic!

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Followed by:

There’s some drama on the finish line, it’s still unclear whether the teams who crossed the line first indeed went wrong or @TeamBulls who came in celebrating stayed on the right track with @PygaEuroSteel in close pursuit.



It’s going to come down to gps files and a commissaire’s decision you can be sure of that!


​Results page on the web site (still) down. 

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