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Shoe rub against crank arm


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Hi guys


Having issues with my left shoe rubbing against the crank arm, usually when I am getting tired or struggling against the wind or on a steep climb.  I have been riding Look S-Track pedals on a 175mm crank without issues for quite a while.  Now recently I have made the following changes


175mm crank changed to 170mm crank arm

Look S-Track pedals changed to Shimano XTR M9100 pedals with the shorter 52mm spindle (not the std 55mm spindle)


Somehow this change has caused only my left foot to start rubbing on the crank.  These are some of the things I have tried to remedy this.


Moved the cleats to the outside of the shoes to try and keep the heel further away from the crank arm

Inserted 2-3 spacers on the left to get the pedal further away from the crank

Increased release tension on the pedals to near max 


None of these helped.  I have ridden Shimano M520 pedals (std spindle) on other bikes before that all had 175mm cranks, never had this issue.  Don't want to damage my crank and shoes, what else can I try?  Cleats from Ryder or Look X-Track with less float?






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I would change the angle of the cleat a tiny fraction.


JUST enough so that when cleated and you turn your heel inwards towards the crankarm, it releases a fraction before your shoe hits the crankarm. (That way you can release your cleats by turning your foot in or out.) You will feel the resistance of the cleat spring in the extreme lateral movement that the float of the cleat allows before releasing. Be careful not to change the angle too much or you will pedal too much with your toes pointing inwards - that will be bad for the knees.  If it sounds confusing, see the picture below. :D


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Thanks guys. Moved the cleats to the inside of the shoe and also angled the cleat slightly inwards


Will have to test and see what happens. Otherwise will look at bikefit option

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Had this issue as well, changed the angle of my cleat and the issue was gone.

Note we're talking VERY little change in angle, doing this is better than moving the cleat to the inside of your shoe since your weight stays in the middle of the shoe.


But if that alone does not work, do both. 

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