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Riders Down x 2


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Saw 2 bike related crashes this morning on either side of Suikerbossie:

  • One on descent to 12 Apostles
  • One at the bottom just before Hout Bay traffic lights

(we were riding from Town towards Hout Bay)


Netcare was at each scene


It didn't seem like cars were involved


Hopefully no major injuries

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Wind was pretty gentle today

Agreed ... wind only picked up later in the morning/early aft.


Last weekend of DC prep with large numbers of 12 man groups increasing the likelihood of incident.


Hope all heal up quickly.

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DC groups and other wannabees at the moment - actually surprised there were only 2 incidents on that road this morn.


If you add the motogp morons, the tour busses, the Torpedo shufflers, the ferrari outing, the marshaled harley tourist group and then a gusting wind - well lets just say its a real sh*tshow and one might think the cyclists would behave a bit better. Sadly the cycling groups were of the worst behaved.


Rant over, hopefully the DC will be soon too. 

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