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Ceder road dumped concrete issues


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Since i can remember Ceder road in JHB has always suffered with issues of dumped concrete on the shoulder.

this concrete forces hundreds of riders a week into the cars lane.

its only time until an accident occurs.


Is there any way we can have this concrete removed to open up the shoulder again?

crowd funding? reach out to the municipality? a hubber with the right equipment and a good samaritan heart?


this thread is here to spitball a solution to this issue.

all ideas welcome!

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Perhaps see if Eqstra would be willing to help on worst affected spots? I know they did that cradle sweep exercise a couple of years back, so likely they have the equipment and someone there passionate about cycling and advertising.

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Had a similar situation close to where I live, used to run past this one spot where some box also thought it was a good idea to dump concrete, one morning still half asleep on my morning run I wasn't concentrating and my foot got caught on the concrete and I went down like a sack of ****... I was the moer in to put it mildly! 

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A while back a load of tar was dumped on part of our route .


2 guys from our group went there one Friday afternoon with a pick , spade , fork and broom and removed the said obstacle .


I think concrete may not be quite as easy to remove , and also depending how much there is .

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