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Road speed of a 1x12?


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Hey guys/girls


Im rory and new to the forum. Sorry to post this here but, what is the speed you will get out of a 1x12 speed at an ok cadence. Not where you busy spinning your legs off, but a good pace for a nice ride out on the road?

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like many things it depends...


Chances are you won't get more speed out of a 1x12 than you will from a 1x10 or 1x11. so if your current groupset is no an x12 then start with that. the x12 will give you smaller jumps between gears, and that means less strain on you.


Most gruppos have an 11t sprocket as the smallest option. x12's might have a 10t sprocket. the trick is to pick a front ring that you can pedal fast enough in the smallest gear to not get left behind - I have a 48t single ring on a 1x road build. but its hard work if you're chasing someone with a 53 on a downhill..


You'll have to get a lot bigger than a 34 or 36 you'd use on your MTB.

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Here we go again.... Is it Friday yet?

 Correct , A 32 is a 32 whether round or oval .I ride a 36 X11 and on the flat roads  i run out of gears at 52 to 54 kph with the roadies who then have  more gearing . You will most probably be spinning at about 120 rpm or more depending how big the bunch is that you sit in 

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