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Alcohol Ban = No glass on side of roads and no drunk drivers early mornings


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Since the alcohol ban its been a pleasure to not have the side of the roads littered with broken glass bottles thrown recklessly out of cars  . I use to see this  more on my saturday and Sunday morning rides . The other aspect is to not have a drunk coming home from a party  past one with in inches of your handlebars . . Im not against the alcohol ban but do feel the difference when riding on public roads .

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I think this may have more to do with the curfew than the ban on alcohol. Sure the ban helps, but with people not driving around and being out on the roads late at night/early mornings, the behavior of throwing out bottles does not happen.


Make no mistake, people are drinking - sources of alcohol are just questionable

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The p*ssed oke driving up Rhodes Drive yesterday morning around 7am clearly didn't get the memo!!




Point made - people are still drinking. Probably more at home than on the road, so less glass on the roads.


And yes, those drinking at home will go driving as soon as the curfew opens

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