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Ride Mag Subscriptions

Dicky DQ

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Is it just me or are others also finding that you get you Ride Mag a week or twolater that they are avaliable in the LBS?


this is very frustrating for me as I pop in to the LBS and I see them there; I then want to buy it, but this will be a waste as i have already paid for the subscription and my copy is still going to get to me.........................eventually.smiley7.gif
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I no longer subscribe to any of these magazines....if I see it & it contains an article I like...I'll buy it...otherwise all the same diatribe every month....


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I spend an afternoon in the CNA and read them for free. Reading the Loslyf is a bit of a problem though.


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Distribution of Ride Mag to LBS is handled by Junk Mail whereas the ever reliable Post office handles the snail mail. Private enterprise rules.

Interesting stat- The bookstore at Cape Town airport sells more Ride Mags across the counter than any other outlet. 
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Like any other mag ! Even FHM and Loslyf bored me after the 34322 issue !!


Ek dink loslyf het 'n nuwe redaktrise gekry, so dalk kan jy weer daarvoor subscribe. LOL

Net as jy wonder waar ek die inligting kry.....dis was in  'n arkikel op news24!
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