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Titanium road bike - Ribble or Holdsworth?

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I have decided to buy a new titanium road bike and have identified two bikes of interest. the bike will be bought in the UK and someone will bring it in March.

The bikes are the Ribble Endurance Ti Disc Sport - https://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/ribble-endurance-ti-disc-105-r7100/

And the Holdsworth Helm - https://www.planetx.co.uk/products/holdsworth-helm-sram-force-22-titanium-road-bike.

Both bikes cost the same - £1,999 (ZAR 48,000) (The Holdsworth shows the price as £1,659, but when you add UK VAT it is £1,999)

The Ribble comes with Shimano 105 2x12 (50/34) and a Mavic Aksium 19 wheelset (heavy at around 1850 grams).

The Holdsworth comes with SRAM Force 2x11 (50/34) and a Vision Team 30 wheelset (heavy at around 1900 grams).

Except for the different wheelsets, groupsets and seat stays there is little to choose from.

Which one of the two will you choose and why?

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Just from the looks, the Ribble for me. Modern dropped seat stays, different ti finish om the frame.

105 Shimano all day every day!

Perhaps option to upgrade the Mavic for some nice Hunt wheels.

Change the disc rotors for some previous gen Dura Ace(black look).

a Very nice Deda handlebar in the classifieds….

You’re going to have a stunner!

You’re Ti!! 

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Also with the Ribble, besides what was mentioned already. They’re one of the oldest bike brands around and they actually do a lot of in-house engineering/R&D etc

Plus with the 12 speed you can experiment more with gearing and even look at going 1x12

There’s also a Saffa connection (tenuous) with one of their senior marketing guys, plus a mate recently immigrated to the UK and works for them. 

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Given the choice, I would go Ribble. 

 Better known, il prefer the 12 speed set up. 

should look at getting VAT back. Should be possible. 

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I don't have technical expertise, It has been suggested to me that the 105 is better than the SRAM.

And as someone else said, the Ribble is gorgeous looking.

The green monster is leering over my shoulder!!!

Post update please and tell us how it rides.

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Nice to see the Holdsworth name on a bike again. It would be my option based on the slightly shorter reach in my size

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32 minutes ago, Jimmy 2.0 said:

just out of curiosity why not a Lynskey?

I would love a Lynskey, but not sure if I would get a new one for the same price. 

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1 hour ago, Eddie Stafford said:

I would love a Lynskey, but not sure if I would get a new one for the same price. 

I'm on the Lynskey sales notifications, and some frames are going for good prices.  Not sure about the small print...

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  • 2 months later...

So after the feedback, I ordered the Ribble titanium with Shimano 105 - 2 x 12 on 24 January. Delivery was estimated to be between 26 March and 2 April. I ordered the bike to be send to my home address in Somerset West. The price was R50k. The checkout said "all shipping and taxes included". Being a bit skeptical, I phoned Ribble's online help line and the guy that I spoke to confirmed that the shipping and taxes are included in the price.

Also checked the customs tariffs on the SARS website and bikes imported from the UK is free of custom duty, but subject to SA VAT.

On 20 March, I received and email from Ribble saying that my bike has been shipped. After that, 2 emails from DHL and this morning the bike was delivered.

Test ride this afternoon.

Happy days!!










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that is so pretty. there's nothing like straight, round tubes.

what's the clearance like at the back, tyre-wise?

many happy miles!


also, have you considered some clear stickers to protect the frame where the cables rub at the headtube?

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