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Scary motorist


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Here is a cutting from the Roodepoort Record of two weeks ago. It's not going to change your life but it just goes to show some of the thinking that goes on out there! The newspaper did print a reply from a cyclist!



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I Don't think its a Scary motorist - I think its a sick motorist - sick upstairs..Shocked  selffish. I'd love the paper to get this guy (do they allow sickos on the site?) to come on this site, or better , meet us personally and state his problems.

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This actually sounds kind-of familiar.

I'm pretty sure that it's plagiarised from somewhere else...
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Seems to be more against fat people than cyclists - that will make him a heap of enemies in this town.

Otherwise, all a bit silly - Flora Clinic seems a nice place though.




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Take away the vitriol and abuse-laced emotives, and you have, in a nut-shell, what the majority of motorists in all likelihood think of us.


Sad but true.

Just as our fellow-roadies are of the opinion that they have as much right to use the roads, so many motorists are of the opinion that roads are meant for cars and trucks ONLY.


I doubt these views will ever be reconciled, especially with the few (from both sides) who regularly seem to strip their "moere" and incite more animosity...


Which is why I am always loathe to ride on the roads. Give me a mountain any day. I have great respect for roadies who brave it out there, but somehow think this problem is simply going to get worse - especially with so many "first-generation" drivers out there...


Tut tut tut. Unhappy


The one thing I will say, and hopefully those who are able to contribute to this debate in a rationale manner will assist me - is this particular person appears to be most concerned about beginner-riders... Ignoring for the moment his rude remarks, his major concern appears to be that he is constantly fearful that these riders will end up beneath his vehicle. Now much of this might come down to simply being uneducated in the finer aspects of bicycle physics ("will those flimsy wheels hold his weight"), but plenty could be because of riders who do not have the necessary skills YET possibly riding on some of the busy, narrow roads. I have to admit that at times I too have had my heart in my mouth when passing some riders, since I have slowed down behind them - waiting for a moment to pass, and have been able to see how they ride...


Sometimes ''beginners'' do take to roads where they should maybe stay away from initially, in much the same way that learner-drivers (of cars) usually stick to the back roads...


Seen from this angle, a part of what this motorist is saying, does seem to have some truth to it...


Of course - the biggest criticism against his complaint, and this also applies to many of the arguments and complaints lodged against motorists by fellow cyclists, is that he generalises.


Not all cyclists ride badly. Not all beginners ride on busy, narrow roads.

Not all cyclists expect motorists' to "adapt to their health regiments".

Not all cyclists take up the entire road and refuse to consider other road users...


However, conversely... 


Not all motorists hate cyclists. Not all motorists are automatically impatient when cyclists are in front. Not all motorists consider themselves to be the only justified users of the road...


But alas - so the 'cycle' [terrible pun, I know] goes on. 
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Sjoe! Nie juis skokkend nie! Ek is seker die ou lyk self soos Jean Claud Cloony!!! Rede vir sy houding:

Sy hond, vrou, kinders kolegas haat hom!
Hy haat sy hond vrou, kinders en kolegas!

Sy kar is oud, so hy haat sy kar.

Sy dak lek, sy mure is gekraak en daar is ten minste een venster in sy huis gebreek so hy haat sy huis.

Sy gras vrek want hy is te suinig om dit nat te spuit! So hy haat sy tuin.

Sy mistress het hom gelos want sy haat hom ook.


So conclusion: Ons moet vir hom 'n bos blomme stuur want die ou suffer erg!!

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Nog redes:


Hy het 'n prostaat probleem so hy haat sy prostaat

Hy kan nie sy dikderm beheer nie so hy poep die hele tyd en af en toe los hy enetjie in sy broek.

Hy pis in die aand nog party keer in sy bed.

Sy klere ruik soos motballe

Sy kinders dink hy is hulle oupa.


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this is real sad that amongst us there are such arrogant idiots, that think "they" own the road, and i can promise you guys there's loads of these "pricks"out there, i personaly know of a guy who feels exactly the same as the guy in the advert and i don't even speak to him anymore because of his attitude towards cyclists,


his take is, if he is late because of a cyclist getting to work and he is loosing money, he will knock them over,he brought up the stupid idea of throwing thumbs tacks in the road for cyclists to ride over.


this is just sick, but we have to accept people like this cause no one will ever change them, maybe they weren't hugged enough or were just plain losers as kids, but there's just no reasoning, so let them live there little pathetic lives and we will live ours and enjoy what we love to do most.
1hill@aTime2007-04-24 07:31:20
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Middle Aged Marie Biscuit cyclists, whahahahahaha, must admit that is pretty damn funny!!LOLClap

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How can you be fat and a Marie biscuit cyclist at the same time.

I think a lot of these people think that we dont have jobs when we cycle so early in  the morning, but what they dont realise is that we have been cycling for more than an hour by the time their fat asses pass us on the way to their boring jobs.


I think it is a case of jealousy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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She probably just saw some wannabe Cyclists doing there ones a year Argus training, I must admit, they scare me toLOL

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