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  1. Even 12sp is the same shift ratio. I'm using an 11sp XX1 derailleur on 12sp 9-46 cassette. which is lighter and cheaper than eagle XX1.
  2. Spindown is the calibration for the kickr done in Trainer road or using the Wahoo App
  3. Probably leaving the country with the rest of the skilled workforce
  4. Have a look at these Videos I have watched this One "Building 1X Gravel Bike From Road Bike (2X7 to 1X10 Conversion)" https://youtu.be/KHXYN1JH8Oc Saw this one as well may be very insightful https://youtu.be/H7jCCZwG23k
  5. Why are you not considering SRAM GX? it's the same technology as Eagle just heavier. Probably because of the XD freebody? Consider changing the freebody and go SRAM GX
  6. If your router supports it you can try setting your wifi to 5ghz
  7. Thanks for that good to know... What about racers who control their Power there were riders that would surge forward at the top of the climb because the power would remain the same where if you're on a virtual trainer your power automatically drops for the same speed
  8. Double Cab drivers are the worst on our roads. They drive like wankers!!!
  9. The mine shaft from the other way is a longer and more difficult climb...
  10. It actually depends on what type of riding you going to do. The benefits of 27.5" would be handling in the technical sections and possibly a small weight saving for the up hill's. Being as small as you are you will feel more comfortable and confident on the 27.5". If you typically do marathon races very little time is spent riding technical sections compared to long open roads. So look at the events that you are targeting if 5% of the race is technical a 27.5" bike is going to help in 5% of the race. I know from a fairly recent interview on Cadence Emily Batty had a lot of difficulty deciding what wheel size to use and for the Cross country Racing she went with the 27.5" however if she were to choose a bike for marathon racing she may rather go with a 29". What you have to do is weigh up the pro's and cons and make your decision from there!
  11. But we want to know in the meantime just in case
  12. Since There are special deals on the kickr Gen2 for R15999 that would make the kickr 2 a gr8 option. If it's good enough for Team sky then it's good enough for me
  13. This is what I did since my wheels "DC Carbon" allow for adapters to adapt 100mm, 110mm or quick release, I checked if they do the 110mm boost and was told that I have to buy a new hub which I didn't want to do so I had adapters machined from aero grade aluminium. The hub I adapted is a Powerway M32 straight pull hub Original wheel with hub that came with the bike Wheelset that I adapted Only the front wheel since the rear is a 142 through axle Adapters
  14. They will tax you on the exchange rate value between 14 to15% so work on 15%
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