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  1. My Niner ROS with Ohlins RXF36 150mm. Sold it a few months ago. Missing it. Something more tasty incoming...
  2. What is your rim width? I see the Rekon Race is now available in WT. I haven't run the WT, but the regular Rekon Race 2.4 on my 34mm wide rim puffed up to an honest 2.6 without flattening out too much. You can run super low pressure too if that is your thing. And they roll really fast.
  3. Clearly he hit the water bottle that some idiot discarded without thinking.
  4. I can't remember who it was (Merckx? Hinault?) said: "Whenever somebody tells me they just won a race, my question is 'Who came second?'"
  5. I'm running 34mm internal width rims on my 5" travel trail bike, my tyres vary from 2.35 to 2.6 depending on my own mood more than anything... I can certainly feel the difference in the different tyre widths and the difference between running same tyres on a narrower rim. What is interesting is that there is virtually no difference in my segment times up or downhill, or in my ride average speeds... Here's a slightly more rigorous test: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/rim-widths-comparison-test-mountain-bike.html
  6. And it would be awesome if after one has sold something, mark it as sold or take it off.
  7. Sorry - It is a Martello I put on the front... For what it's worth it feel less floaty than the DHR2 (that was a 2.6 and the Martello is a 2.35) and it handles transitions in angle more predictably. The DHR2 kind of found its own line a lot where the Martello goes where you tell it too. It's a little lighter. What it does not have which the DHR2 does, is that bombproof feeling of just shrugging everything off and keeping on rolling.
  8. I just put a Mazza on the front of my bike, to replace a DHR2 which feels a bit floaty. First ride on it later today. I'll report back.
  9. I'm really enjoying how capable this is, up and down. Niner RIP9 RDO 150mm front and back.
  10. Thanks to All who've replied, I really appreciate it. Looks like I've got some exploring to do. From a personal security point of view, I ride almost exclusively alone. I don't worry at all in Tokai, and just keep wits about on TM. How are the Stellies trails? I know bike theft is an issue there, but don't read much about bad encounters on the trails.
  11. Hi Looking for info on the Stellenbosch trails. Me and my bike can can pretty much tackle most things, (bike more than me) but prefer longer days out with some climbing challenges and flowing descents (me more than the bike) rather than full on DH or WC Enduro stuff. I know Tokai and TM like the back of my hand, but know nothing about Stellenbosch area, and feel it's time to remedy that. Can anyone advise on must do routes/trails/segments, linking up trails for a big day out, any safety concerns, spots to avoid etc, any local knowledge would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  12. My new holiday build. Specs for those interested: Frame: 2017 Niner RIP9 RDO Shock: Fox Float X Factory Evol 150mm Fork: Ohlins RXF36 Evo 150mm Groupset: Sram Eagle XX1 Wheels: American Classic on DT350 (Front), Tune Kong (Rear) Tyres: Maxxis Minion DHR2 2.6 (Front), Maxxis Aggressor 2.5WT (Rear) Stem: Renthal Apex 50mm Bar: Syntace Vector 780mm Seatpost: Lyne Contour dropper Seat: WTB Carbon Brakes: Formula Cura It's a lot of Fun! Gratuitous new glove shot included.
  13. The trend towards shorter stem length is mostly due to longer top tubes on 'modern' bikes with longer, lower and slacker geometry.
  14. My method, with so far 100% success: Get hold of a product called "Knock 'Er Loose" I know...but it's a legit penetrating and releasing agent. Spray from above and below, give a good soaking. Invert bike. Leave for 48 hours, respray every 18 hours or so. Clamp an old stem to the seatpost, careful not to over torque the bolts. Get a mate to hold the frame. Using a tube for leverage through the stem, begin applying an even amount of force, no sudden heaves or shocks. You might have to reverse direction a few times, back and forth. It's never failed me. Good Luck.
  15. This is the best tutorial on setting up Eagle I've managed to find.
  16. Horses for courses. Tyres have become so terrain and bike specific now. After 25 years of riding and racing on just about everything out there, for general trail riding (which I think fits the bill of all round grip, weight and rolling resistance) I've landed on: Rear: Maxxis Aggressor 2,5WT EXO Front: Maxxis DHR2 2.6 EXO These are on 34mm wide rims, and I ride a steel hardtail with an Ohlins36 140mm fork. I've spent days doing back to back runs with various tyre combos, and I've found that generally what one loses in perceived rolling speed is more than offset in improved climbing traction, braking and steering control. All of which equals more confidence and thus more speed. The only time I would give that up, would be for something like a 100 Miler or a Trans Karoo type event, where hours and hours of consistent rolly pedalling is key. There I have used Michelin Wild Racer, Vredestein Spotted Cat and Schwalbe Racing Ralph with success. But then also for those events, I'm swapping out fork, stem, seatpost, chainring and lengthening my chianstays.
  17. What kind of riding is he intending to do? Geometry is the one thing you can't upgrade later.
  18. This just popped up on my local community FB Group Found in Hout Bay today.
  19. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/mountain-bike-forks/425703/fox-float-34-sc-performance
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