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  1. @sucramukThey are first class bags. Good materials and the sevice is quick and efficient. They have made custom frame bags for us and no issues at all.
  2. Nice. Is this for Kygyastan? Is travel from SA allowed there at the moment?
  3. This is good advice. No puppy/young dog should be running any distances.
  4. Spent a night out there. Must have been chilly!!
  5. Very interesting tussel going on in Stettynskloof today for the RASA win. Axel went in with about a 45 minute lead over Fjord. Will come down to who picks the better lines. They will not be able to see each other in the kloof. You can pass within 10m of someone there and not know it.
  6. Agree. Events can be overated.
  7. Our pack out on a hike.
  8. Think Gavin is going to do Mordor in the dark. Could be interesting. It has the potential to end badly. Hopefully it doesn't.
  9. I've gone through this process recently. I avoided the Ford because it is right up there in terms of vehicle theft stats I would not touch the GWM personally. Isuzu it is.
  10. At Brosterlea apparently. Proper cold!
  11. I haven't heard how they are dealing with level 4 restrictions. I guess if riders opt to be out during curfew it will be on them. I have heard that covid negative tests were required prior to the start and also possibly being tested along the way.
  12. Seems that the race leader Alex, has had a fall on Politique Kraal and hurt some ribs. Hopefully he can still finish. He's got a long way to go. Only on day 2. Having said that he is at Queens Mercy on morning two, which is mind blowingly quick.
  13. I also have a Silverback bike, not the Stratos, but aslo DUB with NX crank. The BB specified for my bike is a road BB. I'm not sure if there is any difference with seals in road vs mtb but only the road one fits. First BB lasted about 5k kms. Second one not so much after quite a bit of wet riding. They ceratinly haven't lasted as well as previous BBS for me.
  14. Dusty


    This game may just go down to the wire.
  15. @Sepia I did the Massive Eastern Cape Passes bikepacking route recently with a mate who did it on an ebike. I have attached his write up as there is some good stuff to be gleaned on bikepacking with an ebike. He does give the details of his ebike, but more importantly it does show that ebikes can work really well for bikeacking/touring. Ebike Massive Eastern Cape Passes.docx
  16. @copperheadWhere are you staying in the Tankwa?
  17. Cycled up Bastervoetpad Pass in the E Cape recently. Proper climb/push, but the views are worth it.
  18. If you don't come right I can recommend these guys. We've had some custom made. Top quality and well priced. https://thermowear.co.za/#about They're not in Gauteng, KZN I think, but the courier was not an issue.
  19. An overnight bikepacking trip in the NW province this weekend. Got a tad hot on Saturday.
  20. New addition to the family, Mae, is keeping everyone on their toes.
  21. The Titan looks the best specced amongst the 3. Sid fork is awesome.
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