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  1. It's going to be very got for the later batches. If you are,or know the owner of a white Mercedes reg CL 33 WP, please pm me.
  2. What a lekker race! Could not have asked for better weather. My imagination or was the terrain smoother than previous years?
  3. Very interesting topic! Have had mine in for 4 years after accident, pretty much splintering bone. Got same advice to have removed or risk very bad fracture. Although, have fallen on it badly a few times, no issues. Heard the same horror stories about breaking it immediately after removal. Except for seatbelt no other real issues. Decided to keep it in!
  4. Most probably suspension bolts loose. Had same issue on Anthem.
  5. Thank you to the marshalls, Morne specifically for keeping C bunch safe. You guys did a stellar job. Well organised and marshalled race! Was a big fitness wake-up call.
  6. I've always said I far rather prefer taxis over boys and girls in SUVs and Bakkies. Most taxis are friendly, but even the aggressive ones respect you and know how to drive around you.
  7. Apologies, the Racing Ralphs. Running the HD very low pressure for enduro riding. Allows for very aggressive riding on loose gravel etc.
  8. Been running the HD as a more focused all mountain, enduro tyre on my Anthem 29er, up front. On the rocky and technical sections on Table mountain it has insane levels of grip. Received a very short notice entry to W2W, so did some xc riding on this tyre. Rolls remarkably well, no issues with folding etc. Placed top 5, so don't think it hindered me much more than my usual RR tre up front. Also, where you can see multiple Stans spots on my RR always, I am yet to notice one after all this riding.
  9. Join our weekly Wednesday Table mountain morning ride? Actually ride a few times a week - check the table mountain thread.
  10. Managed to break two spokes riding down there. Only saw at the Spur stop. Fulcrums still got me home though! Stay away from the burgers. Don't skimp on tyres or Stans. Save some for the last. When you think you're done, you're not.
  11. A massive thank you to the C/D marshall riding with us. Kept us safe all the way - and did so in a very calm calculated manner!
  12. That bike is perfect in so many ways...now if only I had the talent...
  13. What do you mean? You can clearly see the five guys in the photo!
  14. You get lekker rides...and then you get rides that make you smile for the rest of the day! Weather was not great in the beginning, turned out perfect...lots of new (for the ride) singletrack and climbs!
  15. Interesting topic, one which I've been researching myself! Similar scenario, however, ride about six times per week, with a run here or there. For this purpose, a single tool becomes quite diificult to configure. Currently running an RS800 with HR, and Android strava on Sony rugged phone. A few points to note: Strava currently only accepts the Zephyr hr strap for android, which is bluetooth 2. Bluetooth smart/le/4.0 does not work and is not supported. Garmin forerunner 610 getting good reviews, although moisture sometimes a problem. Polar provides seperate hr and gps file, which does not always work so lekke with strava. Only the phone provides direct strava upload, althoug there is a garminconnect non supported site that can handle ports from garmin to strava automatically. Have not tested it.
  16. Staring at my bike in my office...just sitting there...
  17. Hehe, got to the civic at 6:20, thought you guys had left, so was chasing my tail all the way up to Chelmsford...no-one except JeremyCpt. :-)
  18. Slightly lower turnout than usual ;-) ...but no less stunning! Hardly a drop of rain, but lekker muddy! Thanks for the ride JeremyCpt!
  19. #9 Do it for your family. My better half has often commented on how much friendlier and relaxed I am when commuting home. Not still in work/stress mode. This morning on the mountain was beeeeeaaauutiful!!!
  20. This might be a Cape Town wind issue, but if you could decrease the arm diameter as well? Most of the jacket arms flap very badly in wind. Also, make sure the back end goes low enough to catch the spray from rear tyre. Must also be washable without the colour fading too quickly. Commuting takes its toll on a bike, but clothing just as much, especially when used every day...water"proof" pocket also a nice add-on.
  21. We had a guy with in-ear headphones in A.
  22. A few points here...have been asked by many African people why I don't have a car. Seems weird that I would commute if I had a car. My commuting has in fact made me a faster cyclist? One of my best friends met his future wife while cycling. When I tell people how much time and money I save, they can't believe it. It is always a nice topic for discussion and for changing people's perception about cyclists.
  23. Sometimes the singlespeed has to stay at home...had to bring out the old roadbike with 28s on to klap this wind. Was quiet on the road today.
  24. Hehe, the guy did not have a helmet on Thanks Frail
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