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  1. What rims you running and what’s the internal width?
  2. Ye 29er carbon Mtb rims. 33mm wide. Why would there be an issue with a 38mm gravel tyre? Never had a problem with the schwalbe all ground gravel tyres that were 38mm (except for a side wall cut)?
  3. How do the specialised roll on and off the road? What rims you running them on? Panaracer gravelking tyres
  4. So my second gravel tyre exploded off my new carbon rim today. Please can I have some advice on what gravel tyres to run on my gravel bike? Any recommendations? Looking for either 38 or 40’s.
  5. I rode with the schwalbe G-One all round gravel tire. 38mm. Did quite a bit of gravel and corrugated and single track riding and never had a problem with them. First 1km of dirt on Saturday and that was me done for the day with a puncture and a side wall cut in the same place on the tyre. All recommendations welcome for new tyres! I am going to give the Panaracer 38mm gravel king tyre a try going forward!
  6. Gravel race to loskop from benoni
  7. I feel like I missed out on a great day of riding! Took my new gravel bike out and punctured (side wall cut) as we turned off the road out of harties onto the first gravel section. Punctured and cut the side wall! Early pick up for my wife! I had a laugh when the next group of team riders came and the front guys on their mtb almost seemed to count me as the first gravel bike out... bad luck on my part but I guess that’s the way it sometimes goes. Will be back next year on my gravel bike but maybe on slightly more rugged tyres with stronger side walls!
  8. Will start the spruit from the witkoppen Rivonia side and ride all the way up... all good on a gravel bike from that side of the spruit?
  9. Anyone done the spruit on a gravel bike lately? Coming from the east rand and haven’t ridden up the spruit recently
  10. Hi there Do you have long finger race gloves (black) in stock? How comfy are they on a gravel bike over long distance (+6 hour rides)? Are they comfy even though they don’t have padding? Do you have stock of the rear saddle bike bag as well? Thanks
  11. Has anyone entered yet and what do you get as part of the race entry? I read somewhere that 3 sun city entries are included and discount on accommodation? What are the specifics on this before I go ahead and enter? Would my wife and daughter get into the valley of the waves with the entries included?
  12. Anyone know if we can still book a car shuttle from underberg at registration? Our driver can’t make it anymore and need a car shuttle? Anyone know please responses to us ASAP!
  13. Go for the Trek! Amazing bike and amazing special they running at the moment! Use the balance of the cash you would have paid on the tall boy and enter a stage race that you can work towards and enjoy the bike on!
  14. 2 of my friends rode elite, first lap at 2:16 and they took it easy on the second lap at 3:08.
  15. Great day out on the bike...First lap 2:30, second lap 3:35 (at a nice pace) with some tequila and beer stops along the way...
  16. Hey all. Can we collect our rcepack tomorrow morning? We only leaving JHB now and won’t make it in time.
  17. Anybody got accomodation that we can buy for the 18th of August in Willowmore?
  18. May be in a hurry, but let it cool down and you will gain many many minutes based on recovering and drinking it for the next 80 kms! Felt like death before and felt like superman after the chicken soup!
  19. Looking forward to TB this weekend! For all those that did TB1, was the chicken salty soup at the top of bergplass again this year? It saved my life last year!!!! Thanks
  20. Ye that is not cool hey! I ride both on the road and the mtb. Road as it's less wear and tear on the bike and softer on the pocket but ride all the marathon and stage races I can on the mtb... This whole roadie vs mtb thing is rubbish. You should just reply and say, oh another mtb rider riding his bike on soft tar roads... In the end, we all cyclists trying to ride our bikes and enjoy the sport of cycling... Who cares what bike you on, at least you out there riding the bike! But, if you are going to ride, don't pass comments on the bike to other cyclists, especially if you only doing 5km/hour on a climb.
  21. 307W at 72KG.... 4.26 Power to weight... trying to improve the power and reduce the weight slightly to about 69kg by Sani
  22. Does modders take cards or only cash? Riding there tomorrow and just want to make sure I have cash on me if I need cash
  23. Hi All To all the guys that ride the spruit often, do you think it will be dry on Saturday after all the rain we have just had? My buddy and I are riding from Centurion and want to hit the spruit to Northcliff hill and back again on Saturday morning but we don't ride it often after rain. Will it be a mud fest? Cheers guys!
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