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Spruit - The Byron Line - A sample


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A few teasers of what has been done on the Byron Line build. Thanks to everyone that turned out over the past few weeks to make it happen.


For those that ride the spruit it starts up near Tana Rd as you head back downstream (Fratellis direction). Look for the path that branches off on the left just as you crest the rise. It goes up close to the wooden fence and then down near the wall.


There are several gaps and obstacles but we've made sure the are chicken lines around all of them so it is rideable by all.





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For those interested this is basically where the new trail goes.

Brown is the main (UP) line

Blue is The Byron Line (DOWN)



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I'd say a km or just shy. It's pedally as hell if you want to hit all the jumps and you'll be breathing really hard by the time you hit the last one beneath the Virgin (hehe) but it's actually fantastic sprint/interval training. Will be good to do a couple repeats if you're training for Enduro.

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Nicely done :thumbup:


I need to dust off my spade. There is a nice little bit of gradient close by my house that is hidden in the trees that could do with some loving......

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The trail isn't as tacky as we'd like yet, still a lot of grass root, but the more people that ride it the better it will bed in so please give it a go, even if you don't want to ride the jumps there are options to go around them and the route through the trees is still really pleasant.

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