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Progress . . . .


Out of our three and a half week trip to Europe, we allowed two weeks actually on the continent looking at properties. The rest of the time was taken up with visiting family and friends.


We visited several estate agents in the areas of Spain that we had previously decided we were interested in and viewed quite a few properties. The properties ranging from "parcels of vacant land with planning permission for development" to "renovation projects" to "normal occupied houses that were for sale". As is so often the case, we ended up finding something we were interested in on our second last day in Spain!


We saw it with the estate agent in the morning and liked it. It is a renovation project that needs "lots of work" (as you will see when I post some pics!) so she booked us an appointment for the next morning (our last day) with an architect that she shares offices with and with whom she works closely on these sorts of projects. We went back to the property on our own in the afternoon to have a second proper look at the property and the area and to take more photos. We actually decided at this point that the property was not going to be suitable for us because of some problems we identified.


Then on the morning of our last day we met with the estate agent at her offices and had a long chat with a very competent and helpful architect who was able to put us back on track after providing suitable answers to all of our questions and to the potential problems that stood in our way. We were happy so we put an offer on the property straight away and left the estate agent to let us know how things went.


A few days later, just before we left the UK, we heard from the estate agent who told us that the vendor would not accept our offer but had suggested a price halfway between our offer and the asking price. We declined this counter-offer and stuck with our original offer. A week later (man - that was a long week!!) we heard back from the estate agent telling us that "after several words and pauses and reflections, we reach that they accept your offer" :-)


So, we have put in an offer on a property in Guaso, 5kms outside the town of Ainsa in a beautiful area in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, and it has been accepted.


Now the hard work begins . . . .



(And this is my 1000th Post!)  :-)

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Cheers guys.


Now, you need to use a fair amount of imagination when you look at these pics to try and see it as a finished B&B/Guesthouse and our home. We can see it - more so after a few drinks :-)


Lots of hard work ahead, but nothing we haven't done before and with some guidance from the architect and the help of some local builders for the important/difficult bits, we should be fine . . .  (he says optimistically)  . . . .



The building is on a hill side and is basically a three and a half storey tower with outbuildings attached on the flat ground to the right hand side of the front side of the tower. The tower straddles the hill slope - so if you go into the tower through what will be the front door, you are already on the top floor (reception & bedrooms), but if you go in through the back door (not shown in these pics) you are on the bottom floor (kitchen). We took one picture with me in it - with Cape Argus T Shirt on - so that we would remember the scale of the building.


We are allowed to put in windows, doors, floors etc etc all without any problems.









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