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The spanish people love Christmas and we have lots of Christmas Trees here in Spain, but out on my ride yesterday I came across this "Christmas Ladder" in the nearby village of Margudged, decorated with baubles, flowers and cuddly toys..... :-)


Andrea & I wish everyone on Bikehub a Merry Christmas.


Best wishes to everyone.








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Temps dropped here over the last week - and then last night around midnight it started snowing! 


I took these outside our rented flat at 1am last night. It was amazingly quiet and still, with just a light falling of snow coming down . . . . . the tyre tracks were from a patrolling police car.





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It's slowly melting away now, but the day it snowed we took a drive and some photos.


It's beautiful, but you have to be careful where you try and drive. We have a 4WD SUV for this very reason - rural and snowy winters - but even so we didn't go "off Piste!"!


This is Latorrecilla . . . .


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We took a drive up out of the back of Boltana on the gravel road to Morillo de San Pietro (Sampietro) yesterday but we had to stop a couple of km short of the village when the snow got too deep.


It's a route I often cycle - so I knew what was coming up - and although we have a 4WD SUV, we weren't taking any chances!


It was a nice drive regardless.


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So we had some snow, which we enjoyed. Most of that melted and life returned to normal - then along came Storm Filomena!


Spain was hit pretty bad, some places (mostly down in the south) with rain resulting in localised flooding and some places (Madrid for example) with a lot of snow, which closed major airports & freeways etc. 


We got off lightly, maybe 15cm of snow over 36 hrs - which is what we generally get when it snows here the once or twice over a normal winter. The council snow ploughs have been out in force and the pavements have been salted.....


We did one of our local footpath walks yesterday and it really was beautiful. Not too cold as long as you were wrapped up (no wind helps) and everyone we bumped into was very socialble & in good spirits.


Happy days . . . .








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