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I have recently ordered 4 inexpensive items. Communication very good, so far. About 2-week delivery time.

Will advise what TAXES are payable. 

R500-R600 exposure, so willing to try it out.

Expect plenty of ADDITIONAL, focussed NON ORDER-related emails, but i am ok with that.

they promise a R20 rebate IF it arrives after predicted date!

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does it come to your address with a courier or do you have to go to a local PO?

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Depending on what you buy, you can get some really good deals. I bought a Trek cycling shirt and some tools, in my opinion it feels exactly like the legit thing. It depends on what you buy and how cheap the product is, but in my opinion it was worth it.

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I have ordered a few things from them, basically same as Shein, similar website layout, not sure if they are like sister companies,

Alot of their MTB gear i see takealot sells aswell now, and i have seen some of their ODI grips being sold along with gloves on the forum here 

SO yes their site does work and the products are decent quality depending what you are buying offcourse,

Clothing items if you are a L, go for XL as some clothing items do fit, but some might be too small, so i have gone a size above what i normally buy just to take into account shrinkage when washed, i bought some riding pants and they have been fantastic quality at a very good price.

My orders have arrived within 10 or less days thus far via Buffalo couriers whom then utilise local carriers like Intertown transport or the Courier guy here in the garden route area.

Overall everything i have ordered i have used and no complaints.

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Also ordered a couple of small items recently to test them out. So far so good, delivery should be this week or early next week. Smooth process. I like that they bypass SAPO and courier to your door (for no extra charge - free delivery).

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First delivery went well. Second delivery I am still waiting. They tried delivering last Wednesday after 18:00 to work. Driver told me they would come the next day at about 11:00 but never came. Then I read an article that Buffalo couriers is currently struggling to keep up with Temu orders and a delay is expected.
Today I received a call that they are outside work for delivery. This on a public holiday. Hopefully they come tomorrow. 
I was in contact with Temu chat support and they did offer to refund me and even keep the items if it does end up being delivered. 
I told the agent I don't mind waiting just expect better communication from the courier company.

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I've ordered quite a bit of stuff from them, mostly tools etc, but recently ordered some cranks and hybrid mech/hydraulic disc brakes, and other bicycle goodies. Good experience so far and will share some picks if I remember and see this thread again. 


Bicycles orders on the way (most of the stuff was under R80, except the crankset and brakes):
-brake & gear cable (gold braided)



-hydraulic/mech brakes

-cranks + narrow wide chainring

-headset (34-34 and 44-44)

-seat tube shim

-green disc rotor bolts & valve caps (because I'm a sucker)

-free hub thread -> disc rotor converter

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I also bought some stuff from them, spoke tension meter and some cheap lights, arrived via courier as promised, spoke tension meter seems to be good quality, I will be testing the light very soon.

I bought, small pliers to do and undo the quick link for R18, seems like a bargain, will keep it in my spares bag.

VAT was payable via a link they have sent; all went quite smooth.

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maybe we can start a dedicated thread where we discuss and advise on interesting bike related items bought successfully on TEMU...

perhaps rename this thread to something along those lines....

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