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Guest Michelle

I had to share this!!!  ShockedConfused


Being punched in his shop

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Wed 29 Nov 06


I bought a mountain bike from cycle tech not 2 long ago, soon the shock lock out system didnt work, i took it back to be repaired & it was after about 1 month (believe it or not), shortly after this, the shock stopped working again, the bike has only done 270km in total. I took it back & left it @ the shop, Marco Swart called me to tell me that i would have to pay for it to be repaired, i asked how this could be possible if the bike was new & defective, he began swearing at me over the phone using appalling language threatening to "*** bike into the street" & then hung up, i went to collect the bike immediately. When i arrived i asked how he could speak to me like that after selling a defective bike to me, he then came around the counter and began punching me, next thing i know im on the ground trying to avoid his punches, what an appauling display! Never before have i bought a defective bike, and then being punched for asking for it to be fixed! i have laid an assault charge & hope it gets carried through, so beware, at Cycle tech in kyalami you will not only get a great deal with a defective bike, but you might even get beaten up
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This is a joke right???????????????????Confused I no Marco pesonally and he couldn't hurt a fly!!! Sh*t like this could dammage his  image!

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Jip, from the few times I spoken to him in races, I also cannot believe he did this. Maybe the story has two sides. 

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I think Marco sold me a defective tubby?

Jason: "Marco, what's the story?"

Marco: "Huh?!?!"
Jason: "You sold me a defective tubby"
Marco: "Oh yes... we getting rid of em"
Jason: "Huh?!?!"
Marco: "Yeah, we getting rid of old stock"
Jason: "Well stick your old stock up your a$$"
Marco: "Hey F#@%k you!"
Jason: "Yeah you wanna piece of me?"
Marco: "Yeah! Why don't you come over here so I can whip your a$$"
Jason: "ehehe... I'm not Mike... I'll hit back"
Marco: "Mike? Mike who?"
Jason: "Mike Mike"
Marco: "..."
Jason: "...you there?"
Marco: "You son of a B!@$#$@"
Jason: "Hey Marco... It's Whackhead Simpson, how you doing bru?"


Mike Ouch... Mike Ouch... Mike Ouch... Were you being a **** and all agro?

Dealt with Marco and he's alway's shared knowledge on the products he stocks and advises about this and that... Never had a hassel or seen any aggression from Marco.
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ConfusedSpoke to him!!!  theres 2 sides to this story ...wonder who hit first Mike???

Marco said he would come here and tell his side of the story ... so let not run his shop down as I think he gives great service and his a good oke!!! I'm sure those who no him will agree!!!
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I just did !!!Angry leave him alone as I said he'll tell his side when he gets a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wannabepro post your number so we can all phone you an hassle you!!!

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I went in yesterday to drop my bike off for a service at around 10h30. Marco was very freindly, and didnt seem to be in a bad mood at all.

What did happen though while I was in the shop was that a customer came in to pick up his bike after it had been serviced, and the bike wasnt there! It had been collected by another chap about half an hour before. (i think the person that picked it up did it on behalf of someone else, and didnt know what the bike looked like, so he just took what ever the guy from the workshop gave him). Seems that there was a misunderstanding and the wrong bike was given to the customer! This guy was pretty pissed, but Marco was doing everyhting he could to sort it out! He was on the phone the whole time and by the time i left i think it was sorted out. i dont know if it was related at all to the the incident that is desribed above, but there was no swearing and no punches were being thrown!

It does seem a bit ridiclous to me though that he would ever go that far??
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