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  1. The videos won't load . Are you in SA at the moment ? That looks just like the Jonkersberg forestry rd that connects to the road along the mountain .
  2. Are we seeing a bit of the old Meintjies? Lets hope that there were some discussions at the breakfast table.. " Hey Odd, pass the sugar, and if those legs go tell me sooner than later please ."
  3. It could get worse . Valverde with his grandchildren ......
  4. Maybe I should've said "Post removed, problem solved" I asked for help with a Garmin watch Vitality connection issue ,but got it sorted out myself .
  5. It is fine to ride. Take extra water and throw in some toilet roll just in case. And card only no cash. Lots of people still using the place. Just go. You'll be fine. Ja, Friends of SBR on FB encouraging cyclists to go .
  6. How do you do this on a phone? Also my ancient work pc where I did most of my hubbing now tells me that you cannot provide a secure connection. I can visit classifieds and my profile but nothing else. On the right where all the topics were listed I now have empty space. Only a headline ' Discussions' and 'Active Topics' . If I click any tab except classifieds I get the error message.
  7. Hi SC. I have never ridden there with groups myself .But I think that most rides in groups happen from Grootbrak. Peperboom restaurant or near there. Maybe BSG who lives in Grootbrak will have a bit more info. I am also in Tergniet from Sunday for a week. But I am on a 26 hardtail and slow . I Can give you some pointers on routes if you need. Let's see what comes up on here.
  8. Blokman

    947 Ride Joburg

    MTB and kids ride still at Steyn City. Maybe Nasrec is just better suited with regard to logistics and such . Edit: Cyclists from the South are smiling.
  9. Ian Anderson's ode to the workhorse. I'm posting one with lyrics . For me this is a beautiful song but it's over forty years old.
  10. `Apologies for the slight hijack. A few years ago I had a tooth extracted and the wound got infected . The dentist treated it and then poured some stuff into a small bottle , with the instruction to rub it on the wound. When leaving I noticed the bottle that he poured it from. It was Ballistol gun oil. I looked at him and he just smiled. An old dentist trick that he had learnt as a student .
  11. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/464600/scott-foil-15-carbon-di2-mint Without knowing your size or any other preference I just set the filters from 10 to 30K I'm not even sure if this is a good deal , but there are some very nice bikes going 2nd hand.
  12. This weekend while driving home from Bela Bela this was playing on the radio. I still told my wife that The Helicopters were the best thing ever to come out of Vereeniging. Then I heard the sad news this morning that the drummer Franco de Nuzzo passed away over the weekend . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_p8FbOcZgg
  13. There's nothing wrong with that first post. Cycling is known to be a sport where guys who should be in hospital make it to the finish line. A bloke falls his backside off and we shouldn't wonder if it's good for him to continue ? Sit and watch any sport with a few people around . That is what we do, we question officials all the time. We correct the opinions of the experts during breaks. The ref is blind and the ref is deaf. It's part of the nature of sport. Edit : I understand the idea of everybody with his or her opinion. But this is getting involved in a sport you love. It's not quite the same as someone who's watched three questionable videos about Covid , and now he's an expert. In the last few years lay people have been made aware about the dangers of concussion and to be very careful after an event . Most parents who have a child playing school rugby would've wondered about the wisdom of continuing.
  14. Furbs, I don't know if I missed it . What size did you ride , medium ? I'm the same height and weight.
  15. JBK , sorry I see no picture just numbers. Can you repost or give a name please. I suffer from the same. It seems to come on with colder air, and or after hard training . I have been off the bike for three weeks after a very good streak in Dec. Very frustrating.
  16. I recalled seeing a video showing how Nino Shurter's bike gets washed. I remember the bloke using ordinary dishwash. I found this . Take a look at step two ,"This can simply be a cheap washing up liquid." https://www.scott-sports.com/za/en/page/how-to-clean-an-mtb The salt in the mix story is overrated IMHO. 10 Mills in a bucket of water is so diluted that the salt content is negligible. After the wash I buff the bike up a bit, and I don't think anybody would spot the difference between a 10 year old bike washed with sunlight and those not. Having said all that , I just went and bought some better stuff from Midas
  17. I'm a Cohen fan, but it gets close , sometimes .
  18. I will only post in the cycling threads if it is something that I have some knowledge of . Mostly routes or rides. But that doesn't mean I'm not scanning pages for info . I have read threads about MTB's , eg.Titan vs Silverback etc in detail. I visit the classifieds daily. I followed the Munga thread daily. But where I post mostly is in the non cycling threads. I hear Bachman Turner Overdrive when climbing a hill. Don't take away these topics please. Thinking back a few years I do think that some amount of moderation is needed. Also , the bickering on the Trump and Covid threads have made people leave. I haven't seen the doctor that likes coffee around for a while. He and others had valuable input on injuries and other related issues. My 2 cents.
  19. I heard this on Mix FM this morning. The original was by Falling Mirror , a duo from Cape Town in the late 70's to mid 80's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOC2CAAM9a4
  20. They should put a list on here, their sales will double. As ek Frosty se post reg lees is dit amper op my stoep.
  21. I stumbled across these guys a while ago. I thought to myself ,"well there you go you do like some new stuff after all." And then I read that they take flak for sounding like Led Zeppelin. I'm not so into the live stretching it out thing anymore but they are a gatskop rock band. My favourite song.
  22. The story goes that Jimmy Hendrix was asked what it feels like to be the best guitarist in the world. "I Dunno, you have to ask Rory Gallagher" he replied. Quite a melodic song by the late Irishman.
  23. Blokman

    The Munga 2020

    Just a question about the 120 hour cut off flag. Do you have to be ahead of this or you get loaded into a car ? Or is this an indication of where you have to be to have a chance to make the finish ?
  24. Coincidence. I was listening to the same song on my way to work this morning. And the same thoughts. I don't think enough credit is given to this band today. They are seen as something that old toppies (like myself ) listen to at the braai by themselves. Or it's played in pubs where grey bearded bikers hang out. Or songs that old people do stupid moves to at weddings. John Foggerty was a "diep seun." You can hear it in the lyrics. The oldies take us back to a time that was , in our minds at least , better. A comfort zone.
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