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  1. I tend to agree with you on this one, sure we all have our own opinions on foul language, diet and lifestyle but I believe we are all here because this sport brings us together, a mutual interest if you will. Van Zweel sure does a lot of 'talking' via youtube but he is/was(not sure if he still is) a SA pro cyclist and he sure has the power to back up his talking. So why not support him? It takes a lot telling everybody beforehand what your goals are and run the risk of publicly humiliating yourself when you do not achieve them. I am actually glad he gives info about the ride and upload his half everesting efforts to strava so people can see what it takes riding at that level. I would love to see a few of these keyboard warriors try and ride at that pace for 10 or 20 repetitions. So please keep the updates coming Paul.
  2. Your coach isn't perhaps a certain mr Sven Lauer UCI certified coach?
  3. It is almost physically impossible that an engineer was involved with the making of that video, there is so much wrong with it, it should be banned from youtube.
  4. I guess that is what you can expect when you buy SRAM, if it is aluminium have an insert made that fits the original bolt size on the inside and M10 on the outside. Use Red loctite to keep that in place and screw in the original bolts. If it is carbon , uhm rather buy Shimano
  5. You cannot post pictures of bikes like that. You'll give the guys as specialized design hq ideas for their next "epic" bike.
  6. Hmmmm seems like a case where Cycle Lab is trying to take out *cheaper* competition.
  7. The maximum recommended weight limit for those rims are 86kg if I am not mistaken, It could be be metal fatigue due to harsh riding or simply poorly built rims. Unfortunately no way of fixing them. I would suggest you try and communicate through local importers for a warranty refund.
  8. Been on and off the bike for the last year and a half but this makes me want to go into full racing mode again, wish all entries where that cheap.
  9. Oh and KALBO , bought several chainrings from them for different bikes ,awesome value for money and next level aftermarket service! Made in South Africa!
  10. +1 for RAPIDE x1000 for my LEFTY
  11. I would just sell the bike and get a Cannondale with a lefty , flex issues will be something of the past.
  12. Those wheels are not worth modifying, sell the wheelset and invest in the right one for your bike.
  13. When you come to it buy a Kalbo Chainring , they last alot longer than other 1x10 chainrings and offer great support if you run into trouble! O and it's locally made!
  14. I can design and manufacture one for you specifically for your bike, so I will try and incorporate the existing holes on the frame.
  15. Think what he meant to say is if you have eagle cranks chuck them away...
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