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  1. Only ipx4, which isn’t particularly great, and after time it’s likely sweat will get in and ruin these rather get the 75t actives. I think these are ip67, which is considerably better and unlikely that there will be any sweat penetration. The also have anc
  2. Cheap items, that are of poor/low/substandard quality, can also be seen as value for money - this generally happens when they serve their intended purpose to an acceptable level. This does not make the item good. Titans are good bikes, regardless of price point.
  3. Why must we describe something that is good, as good value for money - I maintain that is degrading. Your final point is perfect - Titan is a good brand. That's it, period, no qualification - it is a good brand. Why can we not just describe things like that, or does everyone feel the need to qualify everything they say.
  4. But it’s a ratio-acceptable price to performance. So lower price, lower quality. I think the latest Titans deserve better credit. They are good bikes, period. They are more than value for money. They offer a good product at a lower price. They work on a lower margin, higher volume model than say some of the other brands. Giant does/used to do the same. Their bikes came in at a lower price than Scott/Trek/Speciallized. Did that mean they were lower quality? No, they were good bikes, just not the flashiest/most desirable, not necessarily lower quality.
  5. Value for money generally implies poor/low quality, but given you are paying less, you can accept this. This falls in the category of bad. Something can be good, and not necessarily expensive. I feel this is where Titan sits. It is not simply value for money, because what the my offer is good quality at a low(er) price. Other things can be good, but excessively expensive, so a rip off.
  6. Value for money, such a horrible statement. Value for money items can suit a purpose, but does that mean you want it. Things can be good, bad or a rip-off. I do think the more expensive Titans are actually good
  7. It’s built like a tank, so it will last. And since it is wheel on, there are no issues with axel compatibility. You can’t use the kickr climb though, so if that’s something you envision in the future, get a snap2. Otherwise the snap1 is great
  8. It’s as expensive as you want it to be. We don’t need wireless shifting, we don’t need carbon frames and wheels, we don’t need xtr/xx1, we don’t need the latest frames. We can definitely manage the costs through careful selection of components and builds. These top end bikes, although available to the public, are made with one intention-to win races. I’m not winning anything, I’m not even partaking in any events.
  9. I never had a bad experience in SA, so I guess I’m lucky. But life is stressful in SA-not just crime, the economy, financial institutions, healthcare, education. You can get quality in all of these through the private sector, but that comes at a price. My only care now is not losing my job, and even if that happens, I will find something decent relatively easily. Peace of mind is wonderful!
  10. Agreed - but there is the element of other rides (and gees if it still exists these days) to help get someone through The races where I suffered the most are the ones I enjoyed the most as well - its more gratifying. I hate getting to the end and thinking 'I could have done more' or 'I could have gone faster'
  11. Do the 45 and go flat out, and when you pop, carry on with easy ride back and enjoy it Unless you going for results, do the longer ride-gives you more mileage and time
  12. Has anyone picked up on the add yet? No wonder it's not sold after 2 weeks: S Works Epic | Bike Hub
  13. After setting the fastest lap (or maybe not, but definitely faster than Bottas)
  14. I don't miss too much about South Africa - but this event is something I definitely do miss. Well organised and always a challenge, even if it's no longer the brutal 80km route. It's no longer hosted by the W2W crowd, so hopefully the standard has remained the same.
  15. Friends don’t enter friends into MM
  16. Possibly a bit harsh, but up until my comment there was no direction to the thread. Subsequent to my comment it appears there is an answer for the OP-insist on a replacement, not a repair given the seat post was new. Is this what the OP wanted? It would appear so, so in the end I feel my comment achieved its purpose. And I’ll take your comments on my posting to be a compliment, and I’m try maintaining that level of commentary
  17. What’s the point of this thread OP? Are tug asking for guidance as to whether you should insist on a replacement seat post? Or are you warning us about some unnamed bike shop where you had a bad experience? Or are put asking the hub whether we feel the seat post can be satisfactorily repaired? Sounds like a lot of ranting without much purpose
  18. I don’t see an issue with this. He is putting in his time, his money and taking the risk It’s a different story to overcharging for the same goods which can be sourced locally for less, and definitely different to a person buying cheap of the hub and immediately re-advertising at a higher price
  19. But they live to tell the tale, unlike many cases in SA
  20. The type of riding and terrain will dictate this Also, work on your cadence if you are spinning out - unless you are spinning at the max cadence humanly possibly (whatever this may be), you have room to improve An chainring/gearing is not all about top/bottom end - it affect the torgue and how yo lay the power own. A smaller chain ring wi lead to less torgue, which reduces the chances of making the back wheel slip on lose terrain.
  21. we may need to question the reputability of these manufacturers
  22. Is nobody surprised that this bike is a 26in, 2019 model? Is that even possible? Or is this a purchsed vs model debate?
  23. It seems that if you fit a Lefty your frame becomes a 'Dale
  24. DnD has put forward sound justification - you seem to be anti SRAM, and that's your perogtive. But that does not make SRAM more expensive nor inferior And you also don't seem to like Curas, which are very highly rated. Not sure what case you resting
  25. 2017 model? With quick release and externally routed cables... Specialized Stumpjumper | Bike Hub If you are unsure, do a bit of research
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