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  1. Hi I have RaceFace SIXC carbon cranks, 170mm. Awesome, except that the pedal insert has come loose. (Thread not stripped.) Apparently that cannot be fixed, but any comments on that also welcome. What I was thinking is whether I can go extreme and shorten the cranks to say 162,5. This would involve cutting etc.. It would need to be done by a very seasoned carbon expert. I'm sure the right answer is "no", for various reasons, but I thought worth a shot. Thanks JL
  2. Hi everyone I am after a older Bianchi 1885 alu carbon mix. Where do I look ? Does anyone have ? Also happy to buy it in parts if anyone has a frame available? let me know !
  3. So I have a set of each and I want to keep one and sell the other. I wanted to get a few opinions on what to keep and what to sell. I appreciate your opinions. Mavics have the alloy brake track.
  4. Hi everyone, I bought a used Giant TCR0 and there are scratch marks on the carbon seatpost. It looks like it could have been caused from the seatpost slipping down. I know this can be quite common but i wanted to find out if there is any way to fix these scratches? I have tried rubbing with toothpaste but that hardly made a difference.
  5. Hi Guys, Does anyone know whom buys carbon bicycle frames and parts that are cracked or damaged to repair? I have two frames, some saddles with cracked rails and a 29er rim that I'd like to sell and have minor cracks but could be fixed and used by someone. Just food for thought. Cheers, Matt
  6. Hi all, recently got this bike and noticed a bit of damage on the chainstay, the seller said is was cosmetic, what do the more experienced eyes think? Pressed on it and it didn't feel like there was any give that was noticed. Its about a cm in height and half a cm in width. Photos found here: https://imgur.com/gallery/O68Fxn6
  7. Finally here ... our new FARR OUT CARBON Gravel Bike!!! We're keeping it simple - 1 Model in Carbon, 1 Spec Option! Limited first stock is available NOW --- see our website here for sizing. KEY SPEC FEATURES: Sram Force1 Gravel Drivetrain ( 1 x 11 ) Sram Force Hydraulic Disc Brakes Stan’s ZTR Grails S1 Pro Tubeless Ready Wheels Zipp Finishing Kit KEY FRAME FEATURES: Toray Carbon Modern Gravel Geometry with Taller Headtube for Comfort Internal Cable Routing Flatmount Disc Brake Mount and Floating Derailleur Hanger these bikes are supplied 99% assembled and require minor adjustment to get riding --- gears and brakes are already set up and ready-to-ride! Just insert the saddle/seatpost, turn the handlebars, fit the front wheel and you are READY TO GRAVEL! some pics of the bike below:
  8. Hi All, Please note the following bike was STOLEN from our shop (Bicycle Line) last week Wednesday 7th of August 2019. Titan Valerium PRO 54cm with flat pedals. The bike is brand new. The guy paid with a fake proof of payment. He bought it under the name Emmanual Sekhula (possibly fake name) If you see this bike anywhere please let us know. Please call/WhatsApp us asap if you see anything. 083 288 4746
  9. Does anyone have any experience of reviews regarding Cabal Bikes? (based in Cape Town) There are some reviews about the bikes but they all seem as if they were paid for? I’m interested in buying one but not sure if they ride as good as they look.
  10. I just thought I'd share an experience with you. I build a bunch of wheels and also do repairs and rebuilds. A customer brought a wheel for repair - he was breaking nipples. The rim is not branded and is laced to a Hope hub. On inspection I found that the rim was deforming and cracking at a few nipple holes. Upon even closer inspection, I found the spoke threads exposed, indicating that the spokes used in the original build are too short by a few mm. As the spokes were too short, the heads of the nipples were not properly supported and were popping off. I measured the spoke tensions and they were all over the place, some tensions way too high, and some very low. I had to decline to rebuild the wheel as I'm afraid the rebuild process, releasing all tension and then adding tension to the rim again will cause it to fail. I'm interested in your thoughts.
  11. Hi Hubbers, Long story short, I bit the bullet and went over to the Dark Side. Saw an ad for a set of 2017 Giant SLR 1 carbon wheels and sent the seller (Cranker) a WhatsApp message holding thumbs it is still available. Must be my lucky day, it was! The reason why I wanted to create this post in the first place is that I was so impressed with Carlu's special care and effort with the sale. Firstly his communication was top notch, responsive and very detailed. Secondly, he was very honest (something that isn't that common these days). Now the best part, he went out of his way with safely, securing the wheels for me: "Your wheels are wrapped. I hope you have a sharp box knife. Please be careful when cutting the box open, so you don't cut the tyres. I wrapped them in a blanket and in cardboard." Oh, did I tell that he paid for the courier as well? This is why I love the Bike Hub platform. Cyclists looking out for other cyclists. Cannot wait to try the wheels out tomorrow on the road and grab some PRs (or even KOMs if I am lucky) Thank you Carlu for all your trouble and effort with the wheels, I really do appreciate it sincerely and if I ever come to Mossel Bay area I would like to join you for a ride and coffee afterwards. #RideOn
  12. Hello Bikehub, This weekend I was reminded why shallow cornering is a risky business. My right shifter and frame took damage and I'm unsure whether it's safe enough to ride the frame as is. From the pictures added, the handlebar twisted around, causing the shifter to grind/scratch along the width of the top tube. There is a bit of white tippex from a previous fall to see if the frame cracked further back then. This time round the entire paint surface is breached and the carbon seems slightly chipped/damaged. My question is if you all think it's safe to continue riding, that I just tippex it again and monitor it, or am I waiting for a snapped frame on the next hard hit? I would normally take it to Stephen at Macarbi, but my office hours won't enable me to get to him during the week working days. Does anyone know of a carbon expert around the Ferndale, Linden, Blairgowrie, Bryanston areas?
  13. Hi all, what are some of the lightest mtb rims available locally that are not carbon? looking at upgrading my current rims only but don't want to go carbon. 29er, modern widths for XC / stage races. Currently have the std rims that come with a 2018 scott spark 940. Not sure what they are or weigh because if i google the code on the rims it doesn't appear to match anything so I don't know the current weight Thanks D edit: photo attached
  14. Hi All, Kittel is loving his balance bike with drop bars: He still has some time on the bike, about a year a reckon. There is no rush in my opinion to get him off the balance bike, the major reason would be when his younger brother wants to use it, so about 2 years time. I would like some input into building a very light weight carbon bike for a 4-6 year old. What wheel size? 20inch? Crank - can you tap into an aluminum normal crank to make shorter cranks? Whats the narrowest standard road bars? Any other tips?
  15. Hi I have some great MTB carbon rims (NOBL33's) and need to build them up. Any recommendations on a great wheel builder? I stay in Cape Town. Thanks JL
  16. Hi everyone So during the week one day when I got home from work, the first thing my kids tell me is that our domestic accidentally knocked over my bike. I didn't think much of it and didn't bother checking if the bike is ok (yes I know, I should be lynched for not checking my baby immediately!). Took it out this morning for a wash and I see this: Obviously it needs to be repaired. What I want to know from the guys that know carbon well, is this now a weak spot in my frame? If I leave it like that and just keep on riding the bike is there a chance of the frame cracking/breaking at some stage? And I don't suppose this is enough to warrant an insurance claim?
  17. Hi everyone, so carbon wheels has always looked awesome on a road bike to me. Is it worth having? Or do they just look cool. My issue is the braking surface. To switch between carbon and aluminium brake pads when you swap between your training and racing wheels. Or do you always just ride your carbon wheels? I've looked at carbon wheels with an aluminium braking surface like cosmic's. There are second hand ones which I can get, do you think they are worth it? Or should I go full carbon. Another question, is it worth importing Chinese carbon wheels if I don't want to pay 10k+ The main question is, are they a benefit to go faster or not?
  18. Hi all, So I've decided to get a new seat post and be a weight weenie about it What are some of the lightest seatposts out there that won't break the bank? Could be carbon or alloy... Then has anyone have any feedback on this salt carbon seatpost? Advertised on CWC for R 999 and it weighs (apparently) 100g? https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/salt-mtb-carbon-seatpost Thanks for any suggestions in advance
  19. Hi Gents, About to take the plunge and get myself a good Dual-sus XC bike. I cant seem to decide between Giant and Merida's 2018 carbon models. I have narrowed down to the below: Giant Anthem Adv Pro 1 (2018): Got a deal for about R55k, retailing for R61k-R65k Merida 96 9 7000 (2018): there's a special for R49k, and retails for about R60k-R68k. Spec links below: Giant: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/anthem-advanced-pro--29er--1-2018 Merida: https://www.merida-bikes.com/en_int/bikes/full-suspension/cross-country-marathon/2018/ninety-six-7000-8895.html Given that the Merida is at least R5000 cheaper at the moment, will this be the better deal? Or would the Giant be that much more worth it? Any other spec differences to consider? Thanks, Simba
  20. Hi I'm upgrading to carbon rims. Currently using ZTR Crests with Hope Evo Pro 2 hubs. 32 spoke count. My question is whether I should also change hubs and drop to 28 spokes? Weight saving probably around 30 grams (7.5g per spoke and nipple) so probably negligible. But carbon rims probably already strong enough not even needing the extra 4 spokes. I weight around 75kgs and do the odd jump. Thoughts? Thanks JL
  21. Help me choose from these 3 options on a tight Budget? Now i got a thight budget, i would have to put spd pedals on, a bike fit and extra inner tubes aswell with this budget. My frame size is 56-58 Which one would you choose taken all factors in to account list 1-4: OPTION 1 - Scott CR1 Carbon 56cm - 105 - year:2006 R 8,500.00 https://goo.gl/roM5qZ - OPTION 1 - (doubdt - cant google or find this model specs anywhere???) Silverback Arizona 56cm - tiagara 9x2 - year:UNKNOWN R 4,900.00 --- can upgrade groupset --- https://goo.gl/Y7dSGv - OPTION 3 - bikebay Trek 1500 SLR 58cm - 105 - year:UNKNOWN R 7,500 https://goo.gl/GuFjmH -
  22. Hi guys Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, I figure it's kinda tech q&a, if not can a moderator move it to the right thread? Not sure if you guys watch kickstarter , but this bike piqued my attention and wanted to know what everyone thought?
  23. Howdy parteners! (Peter Sellers, "The Party", 1968) I would like to get an idea about the general feeling towards carbon parts (especially handlebars, stems, saddles and seat posts) on mountain bikes, more specifically for use in beginner to intermediate singletrack (i.e. small jumps, rock gardens, etc.) Do any of you make use of carbon parts on your MTB? If so, what is your experience i.t.o. lifespan and dependability? Note that I'm aware that if you hit a tree, it can break. I'm talking about the likelihood of taking a jump and snapping your bar in two on the landing. Would you say that 3K carbon is better than UD, or vice versa? Thank you kindly!
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