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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there. I need advice on my upgrade. I recently bought a 12 speed upgrade for my 11 speed. I first double checked that the hub doesn't have to change and from what I saw, I was good to go. I thought, 'heck let's try to do this myself'. So I fit the 12 speed GX eagle and everything seem to fit, but when I place my wheel on the bike and tighten it, the cassette doesn't seem to move freely backwards. Forwards it's free though. What am I doing wrong
  2. I'd like to upgrade my wife's bike to Eagle so it fits on my Kickr with an Eagle cassette. The bike is currently running a Shimano SLX M7000 2x11 groupset with some other components: Cranks: Shimano SLX FC-M7000-11-B2 (170mm) Bottom Bracket: Shimano BB-MT500-PA, 41x92mm shellCassette: Shimano SLX CS-M7000, 11-42 toothHub Rear: Syncros XR2.5 CL / Boost 148x12mm I'd prefer to upgrade to GX, since I've read and heard lots of bad things about the quality of NX derailleurs and shifters. The three issues I have are that 1) I need to keep 170mm cranks and 2) I need to change to a XD freehub (or not) and 3) I have no idea if that bottom bracket will work with Eagle cranks if I need to change. The XD freehub is the easy part - I know I can simply stick with the NX cassette (this is probably an okay compromise) and I think the Syncros hub can be changed to use a DT Swiss XD freehub if I do change to the GX cassette. Where I need some help is with the crankset. I don't think that any GX Eagle groupset kits come with 170mm cranks as standard. What are my other options for cranks? Is there any way to keep the existing SLX cranks and fit a 1x12 compatible chainring? If I do end up getting the 170mm GX/NX Eagle cranks, will they fit that Shimano BB?
  3. Anyone know where shall I trade in my bike for a better new bike? Looking someplace in Pretoria. Your advise will be appreciate.
  4. Hey Guys First thread on here so take it easy on me haha... I have a Cannondale Trail 29 Hardtail. Used to ride a bit of DH at varsity (I sucked, good at crashing though.) and then focused on paddling and running the last 8-10 years. I decided to get back onto a bike cos it's fun and you can do such a cool mix of long explorey days and cool techy trail rides. Anyway, I bought my budget Cannondale Hardtail with tubeless done and the front derailleur removed by the previous owner as he was just using it to keep miles off his fancy bike for beachfront rides etc. I got it for R 9 500 only a year old in immaculate shape. So its 1x10 SLX and has the Shimano branded but no specific name (SLX / Deore etc) brakes. I manage 95% of the time with the 1x10 as he put on a 40t big cog - spin out on the downs obviously but that's fine. 34t chainring. I've done close to 100km days pretty comfortably and I manage most of the steep tech stuff ok too. I think that 1x11 would obviously be better if I want to do some stage / longer 1 day races. The brakes are also adequate but not much more than that. What sort of price would I be able to pick up a SLX 11 speed rear derailleur and cassette and some better brakes? Happy to trawl the used section of the hub until I can find something! I've put on wider Ritchey bars and a shorter (50mm) stem as it's a large and I'm probably in between M and L frames. Do you think it's worthwhile? I'm happy and comfortable on my bike and riding some pretty decent distances / speeds and technical stuff so don't feel the need to go full sus any time soon due to extra cost and service requirements etc.
  5. My latest Trance still is using the Giant dropper with the same lever that been there since the first post. Nothing horrifically bad about it, but after riding a bike with a Fox that had the lever under the bar, when I saw that Lyne Components had one that was modded to fit the Giant Dropper, I picked one up. Here's the lever I've faithfully been using on a Trance or three over the years (well, each had it's own one) across the different versions of the Giant droppers they have fitted, right to my current Trance Advance with the 150mm dropper. Here they are side by side: And here is the little 3D printed piece to accommodate the way that Giant cable needs to be tightened. Dayle from Lyne told me this when I collected the lever (damn, it was good service, I emailed as I was in the area and 30min later was collecting!)... This was a high-speed "mod" slash "upgrade" to my bike, and only needed these two tools: So, now to find the perfect spot to put the lever on the bar, and lets say the first issue (well, only issue really) popped up. Fitting to the left of the brake lever meant that it was just too far "left" if that makes sense. And at the "perfect spot" it was unable to engage because it hit into the clamp for my brakes. So after a little bit of left and right, settled on what worked best for me: Then because the Giant Dropper lever had that unsightly, shitty long tube thing out of it for the adjuster, there was plenty of cable to pull through the lever's tightening mechanism. I first backed on 1 to 2mm of spacing on the adjuster barrel just incase I went ape-**** and over tightened the cable. Then the problem is that there is no real way to get the cable cutters to get any closer to this finger-stabbing-leftover: So, although I'm no boer, I made a plan. Whilst the plan was not elegant, the solution was. haha. I simply pressed the cable into the hole with an allen key and now it looks great. Totally invisible whilst it's all mashed up and frayed like Zuma's brain. And here we go! Lever fitted. Literally, even with taking pics, this was a 10min operation. VERDICT? Money well spent, and the leverage is a lot more than the Giant one, so the action is really soft with hardly any force required to press / operate the dropper. It would be great if it could sit 8mm or so more to the left (and not contact the brake lever clamp), but It's just so much better than the standard one. Best 200 bucks and 10min spent on the bike in years. EDIT TO ADD: took a ride or two to get used to, but now wonder how I ever pressed the lever without such a light action and having to move my thumb up with the old one.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade to a new MTB, think it's about time to say goodbye to my old faithful 26er. I just need advice on the sizing of a 29er. I'm 1,89m, I currently ride a 21' XL frame. Somehow it feels like I can't get any good XL MTB deals within my budget, so I want to know if I find a good deal on a large MTB, should I take it, or rather stick to a XL frame. Thanks
  7. I'm currently riding a Scott Spark 930 and I've upgraded it to a XT 1x11 and I have a XT stages power meter on it. I really enjoy the ride and I'm considering a new set of wheels (American Classic Wide) or "maybe" carbon South Industries. The issues comes in when you start looking at the numbers to upgrade VS buying new. My core challenge I have with "upgrading" the wheels and perhaps other bits and pieces, brakes (from deore --> XT), is whether or not the "platform" as in the frame is worth it to upgrade on. Considering costs, I'm looking at the following: - Wheels 8-20k - XT brakes 3k - Misc (handlebar, stem etc) - R3k - And we haven't discussed possible DI2 / 2x11 config. - And and we haven't looked at the front fork. So the upgrade costs (ex DI2) puts me in the R15k - R20k range to spend. Considering the bike is 18months old, I feel I could get R25k for it second hand, putting me in the R50k range to purchase new. I'm a touch undecided on the path forward. Any cool ideas or tips would be appreciate. Cheerio
  8. Hey guys I would appreciate some advice on my bike and what gear you guys would invest in order to improve it abit. So I started cycling in 2014 and got the Giant Propel Advanced with the basic 105 Groupset. Now 2 years and one sub 3 at the Argus later, I am looking to upgrade it!!! I just took advantage of the Darkhorse Carbon clinchers 38mm from onedayonly and am planning to change my groupset next. However I know that I am in for about 25k if I want the Ultegra Di2 (heard the Dura ace Di2 is not that much better than it justifies the big increase in price, but please correct me if I am mistaken). My LBS told me when I bought the bike in August 2014 that the frame is good and can easily be kept still. My questions are now: 1. What groupset would you recommend?(I know that at that price tag all higher end groupsets are decent and its more about personal preference) 2. Would you even invest that much in a groupset or maybe sell the bike instead and put that with the 20-25k together to get an upgraded bike? And if so, what bike? If you have any other advice, I would appreciate that too. Thanks alot!!
  9. What would be the most beneficial over the standard spec? I have followed the other similar topics of late, and I have done skills training, upgraded to XT brakes, and added the dropper! running nice 2.3 rubber front and back....so what is next? I see wide lighting's recommended for wheels and RS Revelation for fork. Which one first (wish I could do both at one )? Also, if I go with fork first, Revelation or Pike? love technical riding (not that I am good at it, just good luck ) Riding places like Hakahana is awesome, but keep in mind I also do a lot of marathons like all typical SA riders. 2 bikes would have been awesome, but what can I do to make this one that I have the best? Appreciate the feedback
  10. Hi guys (including Spec haters ), So I've had me 2015 Specialized Camber Comp Carbon for a few weeks now and really loving it but even as a newbie, one can't help getting all caught up in the "need to upgrade hype". Having said this, would you guys be able to help budget and plan the upgrades on my bike. Specs are as follows (plus spez bottle cage, tubeless conversion and freebie shimano cleat pedals ): FRAMEFACT 9m carbon front triangle, 29" geometry, FACT IS construction, M5 alloy rear triangle, tapered headtube, carbon PF30 BB, full internal cable routing, 142mm dropouts, sealed cartridge bearing pivots, replaceable derailleur hanger, 110mm travelREAR SHOCKCustom FOX Float CTD Evolution w/ AUTOSAG, air spring, lockout, rebound adjust, 197x48mmFORKFOX Float CTD Evolution 29, air spring, tapered steerer, Climb, Trail, Descend settings and rebound adjust, 15mm thru-axle, 110mm travelHEADSET1-1/8 and 1-1/2" threadless, Hella Flush style upper with 1-1/2" lower, cartridge bearingsSTEMSpecialized XC, 3D forged alloy, 4-bolt, 6-degree riseHANDLEBARSSpecialized XC, mini rise, 6000 butted alloy, 8-degree backsweep, 6-degree upsweep, 10mm rise, 31.8mmGRIPSSpecialized Sip Grip, light lock-on, half-waffle, S/M: regular thickness, Others: XLFRONT BRAKEShimano Deore BR-M506, hydraulic disc, dual piston, resin pads, S/M: 180mm rotor, Others: 200mmREAR BRAKEShimano Deore BR-M506, hydraulic disc, dual piston, resin pads, S/M: 160mm rotor, Others: 180mmBRAKE LEVERSShimano Deore BL-M506, hydraulic, alloy leverFRONT DERAILLEURSRAM X7, 10-speed, S3 direct mount for DMD, bottom pullREAR DERAILLEURShimano XT Shadow Plus, 10-speed, SGS long cageSHIFT LEVERSShimano SLX, 10-speed, triggerCASSETTESRAM PG 1030, 10-speed, 11-36CHAINSRAM PC 1031, 10-speed, w/ PowerLink, nickel finishCRANKSETCustom SRAM S-1250, 7050 alloy arms, 10-speed AM double, PF30 spindle, 36/22, 104/64mm BCD spiderBOTTOM BRACKETSRAM, PF30, OS press-in bearings, sealed cartridgePEDALSResin test ride, w/ toe clips, CEN std.RIMSRoval 29, alloy, 21mm inner width, 32hFRONT HUBSpecialized Hi Lo disc, sealed cartridge bearings, 15mm thru-axle, 32hREAR HUBSpecialized Hi Lo disc, 4 sealed cartridge bearings, 12mm thru-axle, 32hSPOKESDT Swiss Industry, stainlessFRONT TIRESpecialized Ground Control, 60TPI, 2Bliss Ready, folding bead, 29x2.3"REAR TIRESpecialized Ground Control, 60TPI, 2Bliss Ready, folding bead, 29x2.1"SADDLEBody Geometry Henge Comp, hollow Cr-Mo rails, 143mmSEATPOSTSpecialized alloy, single bolt, 30.9mmSEAT BINDERSpecialized 7050 alloy, single bolt, 34.9mmSize MMuchos Gracias
  11. Hi Hubbers TODAY ONLY - XT 1 x 11 speed Upgrade Kits on special - 11/40T. RRP is R6295 - today only R3895!! Stock are LTD. Link is here: http://evobikes.co.za/shimano-1-x-11-xt-upgrade-kit-11-42-cassette.html
  12. Looking at making a big upgrade for my bike and need some advice on my options; A cannondale supersix evo 105, Fondriest TF3 or TF2 with 105 I also don't know if the difference between the TF2 and TF3 is worth it, can anyone help please!
  13. Being new to mtb I recently got a 2014 Anthem X29er 1 which I absolutely love . I intend getting the Giant dropper post for it but what would be other worthwhile upgrades for it if any. It's SLX throughout with XT rd. Would any upgrades be noticeable to me with my limited experience in mtb ? Your commets will be greatly appreciated
  14. Hi guys Currently have Shimano 2300 (8spd) on my Specialized Secteur. Been riding for about 2 years now and feel like it's time for an upgrade. Have got no issues with the brakes or crank (compact), but the shifting is starting to bug me. Also would like to get a wider range cassette, maybe something like a 11-26 (13-26 current). Don't have a fortune to spend, so my question is is it worth it to upgrade to Tiagra components, or should I hold out and replace with 105's? Thanks
  15. Hi guys. I am posed with a bit of a problem. I am looking at buying a entry level MTB. The plan is to ride once during the week and then over the weekends. Then doing at least one fun ride (about 10km) every 2 months. I am about 1.7 tall. (Read short). I have been looking at the Axis A60 (26'') hydraulic disc brakes or the Trek Marlin (29'') with mechanical disc brakes. The issue now is... do i go for a 26'' with better specs or for a 29'' and maybe look to upgrade components later. Alternatively the secondhand market is a entirely different prospect, but it does come down to the same question 29'' / 650b small frame (not too common for a good price) or a 26'' with reasonable specs (because everyone seems to be selling them to upgrade to 29'')? Please help?
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