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Hey all


As some of you may have seen I am looking to do a marketing internship as I am finishing my degree at AAA School of Advertising this year.

So far I have not found anything but an opportunity has presented itself and I'm very excited about, but I need your help to make it happen....


Oakley SA has launched an internship competition on Facebook, where you submit a CV of some kind of weird but awesome job that doesn't exist and that you've never had.

The "CV"with the most votes gets an internship in Cape Town to manage their social media, attend events, blog for them, meet the athletes etc.


This would be the ideal opportunity for me as I can then combine my love for sports and adventure with my marketing training. Maybe I can even meet Burry some time... :clap:


Now I'd like to ask a beeeeeeeg favour from y'all.

Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top go to Facebook and visit the app at http://apps.facebook.com/oakley_intern/ and then vote for my entry.

It's called "Zombie Apocalypse Advisor" by Luan van Schalkwyk.


Part of the package is some Oakley goodies so if I win I'll ensure some of it ends up in the hands of hubbers that voted :thumbup:


Shot !


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Yeah right.... I know for sure that I won't see any of the gear - but lemmie vote for you anyway :thumbup:


ummmm, dude, there is no "Zombie Apocalypse Advisor" anywhere there.....


found it..... only 3 votes man.... come on hubbers!

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I been trying to vote for you for 45 min. now this site really sucks, when you eventually get to your CV and try vote it just haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangs, but will keep trying - good luck

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Thanks for the effort so far guys :thumbup:

App seems to be a bit buggy, I can't send any invites out via facebook.


Regarding the gear, part of the prize is 10k's worth of Oakley merch so I'm sure I can't use all of it.

Will have a draw for those who voted from the hub or something...


I see one guy allready has 200 votes, yikes. But I'm sure we can whip him ;)

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ok have voted, your needing some real help at the moment, i see the top guy has like 40 something votes, come on hubbers help the guy out.


and W.W. ask all your mates on FB to vote for you

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Nice to see so the support coming in, see hubber aint that bad ;)


Thanks Guys !


@brad - tried inviting but the system is having a bad day, will try again on monday

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Shot Josh ! Gives me an idea, hopefully the other guys aren't making fake accounts to vote with.

Anyway Karma is a biatch so good luck to them :P

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