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62 Year Old Doper


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Guest Latent Blue

What !? Did Dipslick start doping?

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At 62 he most probably took the stuff to improve health / quality of life. Much like what that doc in Bryanston is doing for people. Also at 62 I doubt he is concerned with the ban, he most probably got carriwd away with the added youth he found with the additives.

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Convinced there is more doping even at our amateur league level than at the club scene (dancing/trans/rave clubs that is)

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I can not see what his age has to do with it. It is as (if not more) important to win for these athletes than it is for the Elites. It is not about money (earnings). The same mentality applies. Testosterone and Growth Hormone could be used as "anti-aging" treatment, if your own levels are proven to be low (a very controversial topic) but amphetamines are used out and out as stimulant. He clearly is a doper.

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