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True or Fake? Cyclist with knife stuck in skull (Warning: Graphic Image)


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Sounds true. I posted under Cape Town danger areas. The poor guy has been ID'd as working at one of the local Sushi restaurants and was commuting to work.  Wimpie van der Merwe who was attacked last week has also posted regarding this attack. I ride pas that spot often, and the number of dodgy characters cat calling and making comments has definitely increased the past few weeks.


That traffic light, particularly heading Strand towards Gordons Bay is one that I do not stop at, even if red, unless obviously there are cars crossing.

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I am sorry, didn't know there was a uniform.  :thumbdown:


I did not know he was a "commuter", thought at first, based on the scant info, he was a cyclist out training and then attacked. 

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This attack has been confirmed by the same guy who got attacked in Strand/Gordonsbay area last week.


Looks like a seriously dodgy area if guys are willing to stick a knife in your skull in an attempt to murder you for what must possibly be a reasonably cheap commuting bike of a local waiter.

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