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Dofit Delta GPS Sport Smart Watch?


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Looking at one of these myself. Keen to know from someone who has one how it performs.


My TomTom Spark went bang and theres zero support nowadays as they've stopped making the watches. 

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I bought the DoFit Activity Tracker ... for a few hundred bucks I was happy to take the chance on it.  Pure curiosity to see what my heart does during the day.



Pleasantly surprized.  :thumbup:



Only issue was getting it started .... out the box the battery was so drained that it needed to be on the charger for a few minutes before coming alive... by which time one already starts unplugging and checking ....



Once let it run flat, lost that data .... cant blame the watch for the user behaviour though ...  :whistling:




This may well be the answer for those that want data for their own use .... not for uploading to Vitality etc ...

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It is actually this GPS2 sports watch here-




brought in by Omnico.


Yeah I have actually noticed it at a few stores under different branding.



I also see Trax Fitness also has this which appears to be a rebranded IWOWNFIT P1. Its a chinease product but I have found a few you tube reviews that seem favourable. 





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Lotsa Chinese watches everywhere rebranded etc- some are good though- Xiaomi makes some good ones that get good reviews-


https://miphones.co.za/products/huami-amazfit-stratos-pace-2  R3,700 (their latest gps watch)

https://miphones.co.za/products/amazfit   R2,600 (this is an excellent choice)

https://miphones.co.za/products/huami-amazfit-pace-lite R1,600 (screen quality not as nice as the other 2)

https://miphones.co.za/products/miband3  R800 (fitness tracker band)

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Is this DoFit Delta that the OP inquired about any good though ?


Does anyone have any real world review ? 

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For a little less you can get the xiaomi amazfit pace on takealot. I can highly recommend rhis watch. I've had mine for a year now and really can't fault it. Only drawback is you can't swim with it. If you happy to wait and pay a little more you can get the amazfit 2 on aliexpress which as far as i can tell is the same watch but waterproof.

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I bought the DoFit Delta today after my BFit packed up after 8 months. I must say I was fairly happy with the Bfit GPS. Recorded all my rides, uploaded to Strava etc. GPS was accurate but HR was not.


I'll let you know how it goes with the DoFit Delta. Looks nice and has some additional functionality.

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