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Love the bike, hate the paint job


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I would dig a camo bike. No joke, hydrodip and clear coat!




Just hope I never misplace it.


I'm confused...camo on a road bike? I would rather go digital camo gray, or stealth mode.

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The famous Bianchi Celeste started out like that. At first it was called ugly and legend has it that it was a late night rush job mistake in the paint shop. As it turned out, it became sought after and the most recognised bike colour of all. 

and it looks really great with yellow and black!



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A bike is made to ride, not look at. If you look at you bike, your not riding it. If you ride it you will look ahead of you in the road. The only person that have to look at your bike, is the guy wheelsucking and that is his problem.????


On a serious note, If you do not like the colour scheme of the bike, buy another model, one down and upgrade the parts over time.


Ps, i kind of like the yellow.

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The best thing about that lumo yellow is that after a few hours in the sun it goes a really siff pee colour.


Then you really won't need the motivation to respray, and you'll be glad you did the homework ahead of time.

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Get your own decals made. My wife's bike is on its 3rd colour! Easy enough to download the logo, measure the size and go to town. 


Once you have the file you just drop in any pattern and send it to the local printers and bam, new bike every week if you wish.


The first one, very large vector pattern that took forever to edit. never again...



Second time around was just a standard bitmap. Much easier! You don't see the quality anyway and it's really easy to come by on google images.

Third time I sent my wife the files so she can sort it out herself. From wanting a bike that is pure black to this; A rainbow bike... Always comes out well and colour is never an issue. I have a more expensive issue now. THE WEIGHT! (the bike, not her)


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I have a question for you seasoned riders... How important is the look of your bike? I assume when people buy a bike, how it looks is almost as important as specs and price.


The question I have is say im looking for a bike in a set budget and I find one, Its got all the specs I wanted and the frame design is perfect as well as the price... the only thing is the colour scheme or paint job... I really really dislike the colours.


Yes,  I know I can get it resprayed but to do that still costs a fair amount If I want it done properly (and potential bike is already at the top of my budget) and then what happens to the resale value should I want to sell it in a few years time? 


or do I suck it up and just ride a neon yellow bike that burns my eyes.

It's your bike so do what you want - I'm all for custom bikes as long as it's not defacing a classic.  Personally I won't ride a bike that's not custom.  I like mine different. sometimes I've even changed their branding. I'm not sure if it can be done but maybe getting the brand involved might allow the warranty to continue, I managed this.


You're in CT so don't discount James at carbon bicycle repairs - all of mine here were done by him


black giant xtc to cammo (sold)

pyga stage from blue to purple

cannondale to bright orange

and open from black to carbon and green





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yellow is the worst color in the universe, id rather have a brown bicycle :ph34r:

Me too. I worked in a bike show where the owner was obsessed with yellow. Everything had to be f@#$king yellow.

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I used to drool over the Santa Cruz Superlight frames in Mikes Bikes. My favourite was an anodised brown called Skidmark... I wanted it just for the colour name.

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Oh no, the mere thought hurts my head

I liked it when Volvo's were that old, ugly boxy type. Back then you knew where all the rubbish drivers were and could react accordingly.

Then they ruined it by making decent vehicles and the accident prone former Volvo drivers were scattered across all the other brands, making them far harder to spot.

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