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who is the SECRET pro?


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this guy?





a quick comment from this one - 

In terms of The Secret Pro’s identity, we always expected that people would want to guess who it is, but let’s keep in mind: if his identity is revealed, the insights will stop. Insights and anonymity are the whole reason this column exists.

And for those who think they have him figured out – well we’ve thrown in enough red herrings that make it impossible to guess by deduction.

You need to decide if it's still the same rider (after 7 years) and how many red herrings have been thrown in -but let's go ahead anyway


this guy went through all the columns in March 2016, and came up with 6 possible riders who did all the races mentioned in 2013 columns

EBH, Daniel Moreno, Gorka Izzagire, Simon Gerrans, Simon Clarke, Mikel Astarlosa

He comes up with Gorka Izzagire as the one rider.

Since then - 


I’ve done the Giro and Tour back to back, and I didn’t find it too demanding, (only Gerro and Moreno fit that)


I struggle with this one, honestly. I have to say, never I have seen more inhalers in one place than at a bike race. I don’t use one myself, but several of my teammates do. 


Stage 9 in the Pyrenees was such a hard stage, everyone was just ******. We hit that Category 2 climb [Côte de la Comella], and there was more gruppetto than normal. Fabian Cancellara [Trek-Segafredo] was there, it was his first time in the gruppetto at this Tour, and of course he wants to control it.

Gorka and EBH in this grupetto

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Could well be that its bot a single rider

Share the login details around in the peloton to keep people guessing... :clap:

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Did someone consider Thomas as TSP yet?

Thomas de Gendt or Thomas Degand or Thomas Boudat or Thomas Voeckler or Geraint Thomas...? :huh:


Did I leave someone else out? 

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I reckon this is a question best left unanswered.


The anonymity adds to the column. If we knew it was X Y or Z it just becomes an opinionated piece by a guy who 'insert whatever that guy has/hasn't done'.


I do agree though, I reckon it is a group of riders who contribute. Not too big a group as keeping it under wraps becomes more and more difficult with every mouth that knows.

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Thomas de Gendt or Thomas Degand or Thomas Boudat or Thomas Voeckler or Geraint Thomas...? :huh:


Did I leave someone else out? 


Would that make the female secret pro Leah Thomas or Beatrice Thomas? 


Oh, you missed Thomas Dekker, Jesse Thomas, Thomas Revard, Thomas Scully, Thomas Wegmuller, Benjamin Thomas and Leon Thomas.
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Sorry that was quite silly, I meant Geraint Thomas

O, then you should just have said G... ;)


I am in agreement that the identity needs to remain secret and should be passed along inside the pro peloton

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Too many Thomas’ in the peloton it seems


But John Thomas is only to be found in the male peloton.......

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