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Lost Smirk face mask - The Spruit


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Uhm its denim...

treat your face the same way you treat your @ss i suppose  :ph34r:

Well despite having hot air and crap spewing out an orifice and 2 cheeks in common they are rather different and have rather different needs. :)


 They do look like nice fitting masks, but R175 a piece (unless I'm missing something and thats for more than one mask) is just taking the pi$$

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Are you guys saying, it's a marketing post, masked as a lost and found post?


Should I not take this at face value? 


must be a pretty bad mask if it is too restrictive to wear up the slightly positive incline in the park(we won't insult hills by calling delta park a hill)

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Well, Denim used for jeans is R65 a meter and is 150cm wide. A thinner one used for shirts is R95 a meter and also 150 wide.


You would use about 15cm x 20cm of fabric. so if you buy a 20cm piece of denim, you will pay either R13 or R19. out of the 150cm width you will get about 7 masks. 


Then would be the same for lining the mask etc. so roughly at most about R10 a mask excluding labour 

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