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Not sure if this is real

The Saint

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Looks like Hans Rey and one of his mates - yep he is on another planet, never mind out of his tree...
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Aren't those/isn't that/are not....no, that's not working.


I think it's Hans "No Way" Rey and his mate, and that the pics are indeed legit.
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Titus Ti' date=' I think the mate is Steve Peat wherever he is, and not only in Ireland.[/quote']



I think when your mate drags you out for that he is more of a mate!
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Had the same discussion on Spinman earlier on during the week as to whether they were legit or not.


Answer - Yes they are legit, one of the guys even mailed Hans & this is his response....



Hi ....


thanks for you mail. Where did you see the Ireland photos ?


No worries, they are 100% the real deal. It was actually one of the


easier things I've done, I've done many more dangerous things, but it


usually doesn't show in the photos.


Attached is my favorite shot, too bad he cut my head off.


We are also editing a short video clip, which should  be online soon.


take care







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This is from his website:







The second one was taken in Cape Town in '97







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and there are people who think I'VE fallen on my head one time too many!!!!! insane. utterly completely insane!

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