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Yet another Cyclist knocked down


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I feel quite sick posting this after all that has been said in recent weeks. It's time for cycling and emergency lanes to be properly used. In addition, moving violations and drunk driving need attention, not just hiding behind bushes with speed traps.


quote from 24.com news:


Driver flees collision

2007-3-17 11:12

Johannesburg - A 43-year-old cyclist was rushed to hospital in a "very" critical condition after being hit by a VW Golf on Kirschner Avenue near Boksburg on Saturday morning, Ekurhuleni metro police said.

The Golf collided with the cyclist around 06:00, said Inspector Kobeli Mokheseng.

"The man tried to avoid the car as it drove towards him but it was too late," said Mokheseng.

He was taken to Glynwood Hospital in Benoni in a very critical condition, he said.

The 30-year-old driver of the Golf attempted to escape after the accident but patrolling metro police were in the area and arrested him before he could flee.

He was apprehended for driving under the influence of alcohol.



We wish him a speedy recovery.
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may he have a speedy recovery.


luckily the $%^* who hit him got caught. maybe us cyclists need to think about rather picketing etc outside the courthouse when this $%^&* has to appear - that might do more good and create more awareness than any more protest rides

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And Another one ......


Johannesburg - A cyclist was killed in a collision with a minibus taxi in Alberton on Saturday afternoon, Ekhurhuleni Metro Police said.

Inspector Khobeli Mokheseng said that witnesses said the cyclist had crossed the intersection of Swartkoppies and Meredy road unsafely.

However, the taxi driver, who was alone in his Toyota HiAce, ran away from the scene of the accident.

He was caught two blocks away by members of the public.

The cyclist's name has not been released, said Mokheseng.

Chunky2007-03-17 13:19:14
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I hope they sorted this Black guy (edited) out right where they caught him.


I cannot see what would motivate me to get back on a bicycle.Cry
Chunky2007-03-18 03:16:48
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Hey Chunky, you got time to edit the post before too many people see it. Its an emotional issue but you wont get a very supportive reaction with a comment like that.

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Chunky you've built up a lot of good with your efforts in the protest ride (which by the way also included said person's ) why spoil it now.

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really cannot believe i am reading this. i can only hope that there are many who do not (still) think like this. my passion of cycling with all of you must not get distracted by issues like this, and we have a lot of work to do against a common enemy - the irresponsible driver...

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Chunky, you may think what you want but not say what you want on this public site. This was uncalled for. The cyclists crossed the intersection unsafely. If you jump into a fire, expect to be burnt. I hope my fellow cyclist realize that road rules apply to us as well. My condolenses to the cyclist family.

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We rode past the accident in Boksburg on Saturday morning , there where pieces of bicycle scattered all over the rode .

Made me feel sick to my stomach seeing all that debree.Dead

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Sorry Guys, but this just really sends my moer meter through the roof.


I know exactly where that guy got knocked over and if you go there at anytime during the day you will see that the taxi's just go sailing through the intersection all day long, even with the traffic department sitting just there.


I can promise you one thing god forbid it ever happens. When you see a friend of yours in 100 pieces on the side of the road you also not going to use the correct 'new South African' terminology.


I never thought something like this would ever bother me so much, but I cannot even consider getting back on my bike on the road after seeing that last accident.


This is crazy, and it doesnt seem to be getting any better.


** Appologies to those who were offended**
Chunky2007-03-18 04:19:55
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