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What should the avg KJ....?

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What should the avg KJ burned be for a training ride of lets say 50km or 100km on an avg HR of 75%??

I just want to clear this up for myself, cause i think my HR monitors values is a bit of. I no it various between different cyclists, but i just want to get an idea more or less.


If anyone can help me out?Big%20smile
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At 75% for a 3-hr training ride, I burn about 800kcal/hour.

At 85% for a 3-hr race, I burn about 1000kcal/hour.


Weighing in @ 85Kg.
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1 kcal = 4.18 kjoule


Altwee is die hoeveelheid energie verbrand maar die Polar werk op kcal...


Ek verbrand tussen 600 en 800kcal per uur op 75 - 80% hart tempo.

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