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No.... he is protecting his business.... normally for you lowly paid cyclists that IS income or the munny in your pay envelope this afternoon. Would you be happy if company ABC takes some munny out of your envelope...... nah I think you would bitch and protest like hell..... Lance HAS the munny and he WILL take them to the cleaners!!!!!!! Lekkerrrrrr!!!!!!!! Honne jaag fietse.... looi hulle Lance!!!!!!!!!

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WASHINGTON -The Lance Armstrong Foundation set up by the former Tour de France champion to battle cancer is suing an animal charity over dog and cat collars which resemble its yellow wristbands.



It's not the first time I hear about the Lance Foundation either Sueing or refusing to "support" a good cause.

The Lance foundation has also refused to assist a Cancer Support Foundation not in terms of money , but information and coverage.

The foundation are supporting and assisting cancer victims through cycling yet the Lance Foundation have refused any help or assistance. By the way, its a South African Cancer research and support, Proudly South African) Non profit


So too Lance and his Foundation.... gaan K@K
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The teeny weeny little respect for him that I might still have had is now gone!!


I do not understand your logic????? Livestrong is a franchise that Lance Armstrong developed ...... and it did cost him munny. It does not care if it is for woolly snuggly little pets in distress...... nothing gives them the right to copy and use his franchise. I would think the doggy lovers should be ashamed for willfully copying his idea.


Jy beter oppas dat Wonder Wimmen nie agterkom jy gebruik haar naam nie...... jy kan dalk 'n paar tanne verloor in die fight!!!!!! Teeee eheeeee!!!!!!!!!
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