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  1. No this wont be the Tour Durban route. You will be riding inland from Durban to Shongweni and back. ++++ This out and back ride from outside Moses Mabhida Stadium to Shongweni and back will make for much easier logistics for cyclists wishing to participate in the longer distance ++++
  2. Yeah Graeme Kidson aka Carbon Ninja will be able to sort this out for you. He posted new contact details yesterday, here we go.
  3. only used it once after the update but no issues with ANT.
  4. Get a new helmet. You hit your head against a rock, there may been some fine cracks on the inside that you unable to see. Not worth the risk.
  5. But this is South Africa... anything can be done.
  6. Hahaha, yes there's some bike tools that I could do with, bday is in April so will have to put my order in soon
  7. Looks to be decent, not as "solid" in feel vs the blue set but guess only time will tell how they hold up
  8. Its on special at Makro for 4k, and comes with a free 12v cordless drill which is a small but handy thing to have. Takealot is r4500 at the moment. Yeah these should last a lifetime. My Dads Gedore stuff is probably 30-40 years old, but also sure that quality was much better back then.
  9. For sure , always get bike related stuff or nice gadgets for those special days.
  10. I had the luxury of using my dads tools for many years, until getting married and moving out. Had the basic bike tools as those were essential but just didn't have the basics for DIY home stuff. So wife decided to get me this "starter" kit.
  11. fancy aero machine and all and all... but R70k+ for a bike with 105, whats going on with pricing. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/459072/liv-enviliv-advanced-pro-2-disc-2021
  12. also having / had some issues with my Direto X on Zwift in ERG mode. and feels like Zwift is changing the resistance on an incline/decline eventhough the workout is set on ERG.
  13. A very hot day here, was 31deg by 8:30. Something different, went down the South Coast.
  14. Those Reynolds wheels are like bricks. Will need better wheels and a few other bits. But it does look like great value.
  15. thats a new bike then with an old fork and crank...
  16. The 56 might be quite aggressive and the saddle to bar drop is going to give you some lower back pain... and you may need quite a few spacers. Well all depends how flexible you are.
  17. All of those at extra costs... Would think changing the stem / saddle and maybe the bars on a new bike would be okay, but if you doing anymore then its a waste. Rather buy a frameset and build up with all the stuff you exactly want.
  18. Nice sunrise here today, just did an easy 30km ride.
  19. Down to the coast after a while Washed and ready for another day
  20. Someone in our group has a new Madone, checked it this morning, looks really good.
  21. All the best, 8 weeks without those awesome shots is a long time. We'll be waiting.
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