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  1. This is my experience on Race to the Sun. It was an amazing experience and personal challenge. My gopro 360 ran out half way and I took pictures with my cell phone which is not the best, but I made it work. If you are thinking of doing it, go for it and I hope this video gives you some insight of what to expect and if you've done it may this video bring back fond memories of the journey.
  2. The Paarl Adventure Trail Network is a joint initiative between Hero Adventure Trails, Drakenstein Municipality and Land Owners to create a network of quality mountain bike , trail running and hiking trails . The city of Drakenstein and Paarl in particular is not only one of the most visited destinations in the Western Cape but one of the most beautiful .The custom-built trails traverse through a variety of terrain and boasts some spectacular features and views around and on Paarl Mountain. Take a journey of discovery and stop over at the many points of interest along the trail. Restaurants, wine, olive, cheese, guest houses, museums and various other artisans make up just some of the features along the trail. This Trail was designed to showcase the amazing features, venues and activities around the Paarl Mountain, most of the trail is wide single-track with a few climbs and intermediate technical sections. TRAILS: Base Trail (58km Orange Trail ): A journey around Paarl Mountain. Take your time and enjoy the traverse around Paarl Mountain, there are many points of interest and stop over points along the way. Various venues where you can stop to enjoy activities. You can also plan your trip and only use sections of the trail (Point to Point use). Many of these venues, artisans and farms rely on your support so please stop enjoy what they have to offer and don’t forget to thank these amazing folks. Reserve Trail ( 20km Purple Trail): Enjoy the picturesque landscape of fynbos vegetation dominated by massive rounded granite rock formations set among wild olives, rock candle-woods and wagon trees. There are a host of other activities to do in the reserve that include Picnics , Fishing and tours. Please note that this area is an environmentally sensitive area, do not deviate of the trails, remove or damage and fauna or flora. The trail is mostly sand road , but includes a couple of long climbs and steep descents . There are also links to the Hero Adventure Trails at Rhebokskloof and Spice Route as well as the Paarl Adventure Base trail. please note that on this route you share the road with vehicles , so keep left and be cautious. Link Trails ( Grey Trails ): There are 2 link trails between Hero - Rhebokskloof and Hero- Spice Route that both go up and over the Paarl Mountain reserve . Rhebokskloof - Spice Route Link Trail : 40km Spice Route - Rhebokskloof Link Trail : 25km Both trails have a few big climbs but the rewards are amazing . Hero Adventure trail Park Links: as part of the network we have included all the trail options at both Hero Adventure Trail Parks . opening up a variety of over 40 different trails to select 1 day pass gives you access to over 200km of trails , great venues and endless adventure Access to the trails is strictly through purchasing a day pass , no pass no use . Registration points include : Rhebokskloof wine estate Spice Route Destination Paarl Tourism Office Ridgeback Wine Estate Picardie farm http://www.paarladventuretrails.co.za
  3. Spice Route Destination and Fairview Estate is one of the most visited attractions in the Winelands area . located lease than 30 min from Durbanville and 40 min from Strand and the City Bowl , it is the ideal venue to take the family or mates for a awesome day out. Spice Route has no less than 5 restaurants , a host of different artisans that include craft beer , gin , chocolate , cheese and 2 new kids play areas that include pump tracks . Developing a Hero Adventure Trail park was a no brainer and together with the land owners we have spent the better part of 18 months developing a network of trails to suit everyone . The Western Cape is blessed with many trails and trail parks .The variety and quality is probably right up there with the best in the world . But when designing and planning the trails at Spice Route our key focus was developing trails for the families and weekend warriors . With Hero - Rhebokskloof , Paarl Adventure Trails and Wild boar trails , the area is packed with great trails for the intermediate -experienced cyclist/runner . We felt there was a gap for trails for the less experienced , juniors and fun trails for tourists . Spice Route and Fairview is a venue where people visit to enjoy the views , wine , food and just have a great time . We have taken that foundation of fun and tried to put it into the trails we have developed . We wanted to develop trails that are not difficult , packed with features and provide a place where newbies - intermediate cyclists/runners can enjoy lots of fun single-track . The majority of trails on offer have very little elevation ,giving weekend warriors ,families and tourists the opportunity to get in some proper distance and experience all the great features on the farm . We have however added in a number of pockets where the more adventrous and experienced get their moneys worth . The 1st few months were not much fun . having to deal with difficult terrain and finding a happy medium between having set trails on a working farm . but as we move into the coming season we are really excited at how the park is developing . TRAILS: * 2 kids areas with obstacles and pump tracks * 3km Yellow Trail : A fun short trail through the vineyards close to the main buildings * 5km Pink Trail : A fun but pretty challenging trail that traverses down to the lower part of the farm and back up. it includes a 2km flow trail and forest , so packed with fun * 10km Green Trail : This Trail in our opinion is perfect for weekend warriors just getting started , families and tourists looking for a fun easy adventure . lots of single-tack , vineyards , olives and and .. * 20km Blue Trail : The popular trail for mates, tourists and families that want some proper distance but not technical . the blue showcases many different parts of the farm and terrain , packed with features and a great experience *35km Red Trail : The Red Trail was built for a great day out for the intermediate cyclist/runner .With all the fun and adventure of the blue but topped off with a few challenges and technical sections to get the adrenalin going . The Red trail also includes sections of the new XCO Trail we developed for provincial xco champs at Diamant Estate next door * XCO Trail : We have a dedicated 5km xco trail on the property next Door ( Diamant Estate ) where you get to experience some proper xco love , also included on the red trail * Link trails : There are also 2 link trails that go up Paarl Mountain and to Hero Adventure - Rhebokskloof . Hero Adventure - Spice Route also forms part of the Paarl Adventure Trail Network and has direct access to over 200km of other trails within the project VENUE: Spice Route is a great venue to enjoy a fun day out after your ride , run or walk . grab a shower at the venue and spend the day with family and friends enjoying all the artisans and experiences . for more info visit : http://www.hero-adventure.co.za
  4. I'm ready to pull the trigger on a power meter, but it's such an expensive piece of kit that I want to be sure I've considered everything before I buy. Thing is, I just don't really know enough about living with either unit to really know what I should be considering... I'm looking at the Quarq XX1 Eagle DUB Boost power meter with cranks or the Power2Max NG Eco equivalent (I already have XX1 cranks.) The Quarq is slightly more expensive, but I can always sell my existing XX1 cranks to make up the difference. From what I can tell both seem to perform perfectly fine, but it would be great to hear feedback from someone who has experience with both. Any other advice would be appreciated!
  5. Hi Anyone out there that can help with a frame, want to build up a bike for myself, looking for a Carbon Frame, hard tail, 29r. Budget 4k. Will pay for shipping, Live in JHB
  6. I have been involved with road and mountain bike cycling events for the past few years. I have done everything from organizing, marking and managing the water points. I would love to know what people want and expect from events these days.
  7. Completely new to cycling, so want to start out with a lower budget bike (don't want to invest too much in case I lose interest). Max budget is R7500. Are any of the options below decent, or would it better to go the second hand route? Silverback Stride 650BScott Aspect 770 650BFuji Addy 1.7 LadiesLiv Tempt 3 27.5Titan Rogue Calypso Sport 650B Titan Rogue Calypso Cruz 650B Thanks so much! Amy
  8. Having a look at the mtb races this year to sign up for, having checked the following website, are there any that I might have missed or should have a second look at? Keen on just enjoyable MTB races, like the STBB (holding thumbs they coming back this year), Grabouw MTB, Nissan Trailseeker (wellington), Tiletoria, etc. - https://www.stillwatersports.com/event/ - https://www.pedalpower.org.za/events/ - https://www.dirtopia.co.za/index.php/mtbcalendar - https://www.entryninja.com/events/event - There seems to be good news about some that is coming back for 2019, and some that just seem to have gone missing, and some that have changes in format (ie Grabouw weekend warrior) Who knows of races that might be also worth a look at (already signed up for the Autumn Splendour MTB and considering the Pioneer School race in Worcester).
  9. Decided to share my build project with the hub and ask for any advice/comments. I am building a gravel bike from an 2013 Momsen AL529. This is what I already have: 1. Momsen AL529 frame, still need a headset for the frame 2. Giant P-XCRT 29er wheelset with maxxis tyres 3. Sram GXP 2x10 crank. 4. Fabric scoop seat On order: 4. BXT 29er carbon fork from Aliexpress 5. Seatpost, stem, handlebar 6. RD, cassette, chain (groupset) Still need: 7. Headset ( 1 1/8 to 1.5" , 52mm/42mm) 8. Brakes( front and back) I will update this when parts arrive and as build progresses.
  10. Bike 1: Silverback Stride 27.5" MD Bike 2: Silverback Stride 29" HD Area, Pretoria. Close to Wolwespruit House broken into on 7 May 2019 Don't have a nice pic of the 29" It's me mum's bike, will see if I can find more info later. Both bikes have gotten 'small' upgrades sometime after these pics were taken: The 29er has Ryder Dual Elite pedals now and should have a tubetubby as well. Can't remember whether the saddlebag was still on. Should also be a red silicone light tied on somewhere. The 27.5 has new platform pedals and a clip under the seat for the saddlebag which they conveniently did not take. There was also a black bell on the handlebars (with paint missing from a fall) and a red silicone light clipped on the right front shock. Maxxis tyre at the front, some other brand on the back since I blew a tyre and tube last month. Hope this might help.
  11. We are keen to hear what you guys think of Titanium frames and this option through the various disciplines in the SA cycling. We will soon offer Titanium frames and complete bikes from Skyde, a French manufacturer http://www.skydecomp.fr. Your input will help us determine our approach to this market. For your most valued input , we will choose one lucky poster for a prize/product of their choice valued at R500 from www.performancebikes.co.za Winner will be decided at our discretion on 1 March 2015. The prize is not cash redeemable. Below are pictures of a couple of Skyde bikes as well as an interesting chart on the different frame materials and their properties. Please feel free to also post pictures of your own Titanium bikes and the reason Titanium is your choice of frame material. Cheers from the Performance Bikes team!
  12. I’ve got a set of American Classic MTB Carbonators wheels where I would like to covert the rear wheel to boost. It is at the moment QR. Is it still possible to get the kit, or what can I do to make the wheels work with a Momsen Trail 2018 frameset.
  13. Has anyone ridden this bicycle before? I am asking more about the new fork and rear shock from Fox that uses the new Live Valve technology. I would love to know what your experience was riding this bicycle with emphasis on the fork and shock. How was the setup, any issues? How was your riding? Did the technology work as expected? I am in 2 minds regarding this bicycle because it is new tech for a bicycle and it looks bulky with regards to the unit and the wiring. Is it worthwhile getting a bike with it now, or rather wait for more iterations of the unit? Here is the link to the bicycle: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/bikes-anthem-advanced-pro-29-2019
  14. Just upgraded to 1x12 with NX cassette 11-50. My reccomendation would be to go with GX 10-50 cassette and GX chain. The NX chain rusts very badly in first week. Found needing small 10 gear on the rear.
  15. Its time to trade my 10 year old roadie helmet for a proper MTB version and I need some help deciding please. Usage include lots of trail riding, technical and downhill riding. On my short list is: 1. Uvex jakkyl hde, 2. Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro 3. Bell super 3s 4. Fox Flux 5. Fox Metah 6. Specialised Ambush The options with the removable chin guard is really useful, but would consider a helmet without that. I’m sure all of these brands and models are in the “difference-between-them-is-negligible” category when it comes to the important stuff – which is keeping my pip away from rocks. What is however important for me is: Proper fit which is obviously specific to my kop, and I do have a big kop so I will have to go and fit before buy. Massive airflow. I sweat a lot while riding and a cool head is a must. Have heard some rave about the flow in the Ambush, others complain the Bell is too hot. Some of these also feature a MIPS system, others not. How much of a marketing hype is this MIPS business, or is it vastly better that a traditional system Durability – any issues with any of these models? The adjustment mechanisms, straps, etc etc. Built quality – some helmets feel cheap, others feel expensive – like a car’s interior. Would love to hear your experiences on the above please (or if you have additional suggestions of course)
  16. Hi I am helping a community centre with a project and am looking for old MTB tubes that they make into belts. Any and all will be appreciated.
  17. Hi Hubbers I been looking at building up a 29er steely for the local trails. I have come across a Niner MCR9 frame. Want to know your opinions on this frame? Does anyone know if I can run a tapered fork? Whats the geometry like for trail riding/ climbing? Thanks
  18. Hi guys! I'm very excited, and proud, to introduce Skorsie to you. A few weeks ago I realised that my 2008 Merida 26er was getting long in the tooth, and that I needed something fresh and interesting. Buying a brand new bike that was specced according to my needs (read "wants") was out of the question, as I'm a junior in the advertising industry, and the pay cheque wasn't going to stretch that far. Building Skorsie not only made the whole excursion affordable, but also taught me a great deal about bicycles. The most valuable part was the people I met along the way (I will name them shortly). These guys gave me great deals on mint condition pre-owned stuff, they gave me priceless advice, as well as physical technical help. Thank you to: Renier Hugo for the great deals on the wheels and brakes, as well as your advice and enthusiasm; Wicus (Me rida my bicycle) for the great deal on the fork, and being a great seller; Iwan Kemp for letting me ride your beautiful ST-F (yes, the one with the one-of-a-kind paint job!) as well as all your advice and links to nice things; a very special thank you to Kobus van der Poel (kvdp) from Darling Fietsgoeters who helped me build the bike, reply to my 70 000 Whatsapps, who gave me mountains of advice, and who helped me every step of the way with literally everything, while also having to plan and map the routes for DBX! Janos Plekker from Evo Bikes for sorting me out with odd bits, and the guys from Recycles who did a few final tweaks. Below is a complete list of components for interest sake: Frame: 2018 Momsen ST-R (XL) Fork: 2017 RockShox Recon 100mm Wheels: ALEX MD21 on American Classic hubs Tyres: Maxxis Ardent Race 2.35 (F) Maxxis Icon 2.20 ® Rotors: Avid 160mm Brakes: Shimano BR-M315 Bottom Bracket: Shimano XT Hollowtech Gruppo: Full Shimano SLX 1x11 (32T F & 11-42 R) Chain: KMC Black/Silver Pedals: Shimano XC SPD Handlebars: Momsen Alloy 720 mm x 31.8mm Stem: Momsen Alloy 70mm Seatpost: Momsen Alloy Saddle: Momsen Grips: ESI Chunky Silicone Bottle Cages: Ryder Big Mouth ---------- Feast your eyes on the pictures below! Jakes
  19. Is it just me or is there a lot less mountain biking events by PPA this year? I had a look at https://www.pedalpower.org.za/events/ and was shocked to see there were only 4 (at the time of writing) for this year. Why is that?
  20. 2020 MTB Stage Race Calendar Time flies and 2019 is no more. Head over to our 2020 MTB Stage Race calendar, to find out about the latest dates for stage race in 2020. January 19 - 20: EuroSteel Drak Descent (Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website February Do you enjoy rugged single track and mountaintop summits? Then Tankwa Trek should be your choice in February. Read our race reports from 2018 here. Photo credit: Oak Pics. 2 - 3: Fairtree Capital Simonsberg Contour (Stellenbosch, Western Cape) - Event Website 2 - 9: TransCape MTB (Western Cape) - Event Website 7 - 10: PE Plett (Garden Route) - Event Website 7 - 10: Momentum Health Tankwa Trek presented by Biogen (Ceres, Western Cape) - Event Website 15 - 17: Bridgestone Route 66 MTB Experience (Gauteng) - Event Website 16 - 17: Stanford MTB Classic (Stanford, Western Cape) - Event Website 20 - 23: Knysna Bull (Knysna, Western Cape) - Event Website 23 - 24: Lighthouse to Lighthouse (Gansbaai, Western Cape) - Event Website March 17 - 24: ABSA Cape Epic (Western Cape) - Event Website21 - 24: 3 Mountains Challenge (Clocolan, Free State) - Event Website TBC: Route Six 2 Two Trails (Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website 29 - 31: Sabie Xperience (Mpumalanga) - Event Website The Absa Cape Epic dominates the calendar in March. Photo by Nick Muzik/Cape Epic/SPORTZPICS April 5 - 7: Glacier Cradle Traverse (Gauteng) - Event Website6 - 7: Cederberg 100 Miler - 2-day Trek (Cederberg, Western Cape) - Event Website 6 - 7: The Cradle Mountain Trophy (Maropeng, Gauteng) - Event Website 12 - 14: Liberty Winelands Encounter (Franschhoek, Western Cape) - Event Website 25 - 27: Trail & Trout (Mpumalanga) - Event Website 26 - 04 May: Old Mutual joBerg2c (Gauteng to KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website 27 - 29: Trek 2 Teebus (Steynsburg, Eastern Cape) - Event Website With nine days of riding, joberg2c has the most stages on the South African calendar. Photo credit: Kevin Sawyer / joBerg2c May 02 - 04: Great Kei Trek (Queenstown, Eastern Cape) - Event Website03 - 05: Gravel & Grape (Western Cape) - Event Website 04 - 05: Houw Hoek MTB Tour (Western Cape) - Event Website TBC: Klein-Aus Vista MTB Challenge (Namibia) - Event Website 11 - 12: RidetheBerg (Northern Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website 14 - 16: sani2c Trail (KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website 15 - 16: sani2c Adventure (KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website 16 - 18: sani2c Race (KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website TBC: Mpekweni MTB Classic (Mpekweni Beach Resort, Eastern Cape) - Event Website 23 - 25: PwC Great Zuurberg Trek (Eastern Cape) - Event Website 31 - 02 June: 1Zambia MTB (Zambia) - Event Website 31 - 03 June: Bezhoek Extreme MTB Festival (Bezuidenhoutshoek Nature Reserve, Mpumalanga) - Event Website The iconic cabbage Tree at the beginning of the famous 'Umko Drop' on stage two of the KAP sani2c from Mackenzie Club to Jolivet. Anthony Grote/ Gameplan Media June 08 - 10: Liberty Waterberg Encounter (Limpopo) - Event Website11 - 14: Kilimanjaro 2 Ngorongoro (Tanzania) - Event Website 12 - 16: Grindrod Bank Umngazi Pondo Pedal (Wild Coast, Eastern Cape) - Event Website 15 - 17: Trans Augrabies (Green Kalahari, Northern Cape) - Event Website 12 - 20: Race To Rhodes (Kwa-Zulu Natal to Eastern Cape) - Event Website 14 - 16: Katberg Quest (Eastern Cape) - Event Website 15 - 17: The Greyt Escape (Greyton, Western Cape) - Event Website 16 - 20: Cape Country Unplugged (Western Cape) - Event Website 16 - 04 July: Freedom Challenge: Race Across South Africa - Event Website 28 - 30: The Midlands (Howick, KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website July 12 - 14: Zambezi Cycle Challenge (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe) - Event Website14 - 18: Imana Wild Ride (Wild Coast, Eastern Cape) - Event Website 23 - 28: Tour de Tuli (Botswana - Zimbabwe - South Africa) - Event Website August 02 - 04: Y2Karoo (Colesberg, Northern Cape) - Event Website09 - 11: Glacier Storms River Traverse (Garden Route, Eastern Cape) - Event Website TBC: The Umko Adventure (Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website 23 - 25: Magoeba Trek (Magoebaskloof, Limpopo) - Event Website 30 - 01 Sept: Darling Hills MTB (Darling, Western Cape) - Event Website 31 - 01 Sept: Greyton MTB Tour (Greyton, Western Cape) - Event Website September 06 - 08: Namaqua Quest MTB (Namaqualand, Northern Cape) - Event WebsiteTBC: iSimangaliso MTB (iSimangaliso Wetland Park, KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website 06 - 08: Ride2Nowhere (McGregor, Western Cape) - Event Website 08 - 14: Cape Pioneer Trek (Western Cape) - Event Website TBC: Cape Pioneer Trek Adventure (Western Cape) - Event Website 19 - 21: Dr Evil Classic (Western Cape) - Event Website 19 - 28: Rift Valley Odyssey (Kenya) - Event Website 20 - 22: Isuzu 3 Towers (Mpumalanga) - Event Website 20 - 22: Langeberg Link (Swellendam, Western Cape) - Event Website 22 - 23: Funky Fynbos Festival (Gansbaai, Western Cape) - Event Website 23- 28: Lesotho Sky (Roma, Lesotho) - Event Website 27 - 29: De Hoop Vlei MTB Experience (De Hoop Nature Reserve, Western Cape) - Event Website 27 - 29: Lormar Endurance MTB Tour: #FarmTrail (Eastern Cape) - Event Website TBC: The Magalies Adventure (Gauteng) - Event Website Coming out of winter, September is packed with stage races. Cape Pioneer Trek is a favourite amongst the racers whilst the more adventurous riders should definitely seek out mountain biking's soul at Lesotho Sky (Pictured above. Photo credit: Wayne Reiche). October 04 - 06: Lormar Endurance MTB Tour: #SheepTrail (Eastern Cape) - Event WebsiteTBC: Combo X MTB Tour (Arniston, Western Cape) - Event Website 04 - 06: Berg & Bush Descent (Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website 08 - 10: Berg & Bush Great Trek (Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website 10 - 12: The INYATSI Swazi Frontier (Swaziland) - Event Website 12 - 13: Berg & Bush 2 Day (Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal) - Event Website TBC: Eselfontein Festival (Ceres, Western Cape) - Event Website 18 - 20: The U MTB (Piket-Bo-Berg, Western Cape) - Event Website TBC: Grit Colin Mayer Tour (Mauritius) - Event Website 25 - 27: FNB Wines2Whales Chardonnay (Western Cape) - Event Website 29 - 31: FNB Wines2Whales Pinotage (Western Cape) - Event Website In only a few years, The U MTB has developed a cult following and it's not hard to understand why. The race boasts some of the best trails in the country with genuine family hospitality and a relaxing race village. Photo credit: Chris Hitchcock. November 1 - 3: FNB Wines2Whales Shiraz (Western Cape) - Event WebsiteTBC: Wild Corridor MTB Ride (Western Cape) - Event Website 16 -17: To Hell And Back (Western Cape) - Event Website TBC: Sondela (Bela-Bela, Limpopo) - Event Website 27 Nov - 02 Dec: The Munga (Single stage) - Event Website 30 Nov - 01 Dec: Origin Of Trails MTB Experience (Stellenbosch, Western Cape) - Event Website December It seems everyone agrees that December is a time to take a break after a busy year of stage racing. We do our best to keep the 2019 stage race calendar up-to-date and we do not guarantee its accuracy. If an event has been excluded or you spot an error, please leave a comment on the article below.
  21. Hi I am looking for riding partners to ride Newlands, Rhodes mem and maybe some of the greenbelt trails before work on a weekday mornings before work. Are there any groups that ride these trails in the morning or people riding I could join? On a separate note is it still possible to group together 4 people to make the SANParks activity permit cheaper?
  22. Hi guys I'm visiting Cape Town from the UK over Christmas & NY (arrive tomorrow and here until the 2nd Jan) - and bringing my long travel mtb with me. Does anyone know of any group rides in and around Cape Town I could join over the period? Either Table Mountain/Tokai or further afield? I'm reasonably fit and used to riding black trails in Europe - so keen to try the most technical stuff you have. ???? Thanks in advance!! Robin
  23. Hi hubbers, going down to Ballito this holiday and need to spend some time on the bike. following a training program where the workouts require a certain amount of hours on the bike. my question is: which bike would offer the best riding in terms of safety and route choices: road bike or mtb? I have both and can put in the time on both but can only take one down. i don't have a smart trainer and only local (pta east) gym membership. any other ideas of how to get time in the saddle while on holiday? TIA
  24. Howzit guys, So my friend and I are planning to go through to Stellenbosch on Saturday to go ride Jonkershoek for the first time. I heard from a few people that it is an amazing track. I am also eager for a new track, so really looking forward to it. Can you guys who have ridden the track please give us advice on what to expect. How long would one ride? How much water will you need? Nutrition? Climbing? Distance? The price of permit? How late does the track open? Any other feedback will be much appreciated as I just want to be prepared for the day. Thanks. ~ André
  25. Hi, Im just another Noob trying to wrap my head buying my 1st duel suspension bike. I havent ridden off tar since I pointed my camo coloured avalanche 21sp down the wrong side of a non existant Rhodes Memorial track over 20 years ago... (ye, it didnt end well) Im older and wiser and "fuller" these days, and really want to get back out there. Im your average joe, have a mrs, 2 kids under 10, and the usual business commitments, so i'll be a weekend warrior to start out. Ive dug pretty deep into the google, learnt all sorts of new fancy words and terminology, some of them even about mountain biking Here's where im getting stuck. Say i have a budget of about 30-35k, I have some options in terms of new bikes, Silverback Sido, Giant Anthem, Scott 9 something, Trek, Cannondale, ect, and I do really like the look of most of those bikes, and from what I can gather I am looking at the entry level side of things, but there is also the option of some really nice 2nd hand bikes.. There really is a lot of choice out there, which makes it a difficult purchasing decision, because surely you actually have to have spent some time in the saddle to figure out what you like. Is there a case to be made for saying, ok, Im going to find whatever bike I can for 10-15k (second hand) spend some time with it, and then make a more informed decision when that time comes, taking into account I will probably have to/want to spend another 10-15k fixing/upgrading said second hander over the course of ownership, which takes you more or less back into the original budget bracket. Also, black friday is looming not to far away, and maybe there will be some crazy specials going on to compound the issue? I would really appreciate your thoughts and input on this life changing decision:) Thanks,
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