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Chain Reaction Cycles meltdown?

Just Keep Pedaling

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Placed an order last Monday night. +-R3500.


Nothing happens all week.


On Thursday I contact them and say - "hey, whats up?"


They say, there is nothing wrong with your order - we are having a problem on our side.


Friday they email and say "two items you ordered are not in stock" (they are showing in stock on the website). (Shimano shoes and Shimano Shifter)


I pick two replacement items in stock and send an email.


On Monday I get an email saying the ORGINAL item I ordered is not in stock (duh) can I choose a replacement. I point out that I already asked for a replacement item.


Today the email me - the replacement item is also out of stock (its still showing in stock on their website).




Systems issues?


Lack of credit worthiniess to stock up?


Anybody else seeing this?

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Previous time I ordered a few months back - I clicked the place order button and literally 15 minutes later I got a message - "you order has been dispatched."


Best you start emailing them Patches...

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Maybe just some glitches in there system.

Maybe Sh!tmano lost some stock with all the water problems in the East.


Buy Campy !!!!

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why buy from CRC wen CWC is cheaper?


Range my friend... Range!


When ordering Saint cranks, e*thirteen LG1+ chainguides and stuff of that nature... the local guys just don't keep that kinda stuff.


But yes... I CWC ordered some new tyres last thursday and they with with me friday morning (CT - JHB). Very impressed. If only they had the range *sigh*

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Had a similar issue, where I ordered an item that was in stock then all of a sudden it was not.

Big issue is, order was placed 2 days before the rand saw its Ars3 so ended up costing me an extra R 480.00

Seriously anoyed, there response a 5 pound voucher. not good enough

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They are closing down....


Yes, heard about this.

The UK operation is closing to move offshore to merge with CWC in Cape Town.


This solves all hubber problems and worship posts can now be combined. ;), whilst those that complain on the hub can now be jointly flamed :thumbdown:


To those that insist that you dare not complain or email BEFORE you have at least phoned, a nightmare awaits ! It's no longer going to be only "did you phone Chris Snr and Chris Jnr", but have you phoned Ian, Frank, Peter, Roger, William, Butch, Gerald and another 50 sales staff at CCWRC Chris Chain Willemse Reaction Cycles :D

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