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Cycling Bucket List - Suggestions?


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With all the new-year resolutions I thought I'll up it a notch. What are you cycling dreams, those once in a lifetime ambitions?


Mine used to be the Epic (2010) and then the Freedom Challenge (2011). The funny thing is that about a year and a half before each I'd tell the gf that once I'm big and grown up and settled and financially secure and have the right bike and blah blah blah, then I'd do it. But then things just ended up working out and what not. So what's next?


For me:


1. Great Divide - hopefully 2013

2. Touring Eastern Europe/Middle East on MTB, self supported


(Please don’t list races that 1000's of people do every year, like C2C, S2C)


Much as the term bucket list annoys me, feel free to add yours.

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Top Posters In This Topic

red bull 5000 down


mountain of hell

and whistler and morzine


my 20 cents


Since I can just just bunnyhop a brick lying on it's flattest side, the big mountain stuff is off-limits for me..


Curse my instinctive self preservation..

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looking at the youtube clips it looks like i'm gonna need to find a ball pump <_<

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