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RIP Jordie Lunn


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Jislaaik but he did some hectic things on a bike

As part of The Collective he was involved in some of the most beautiful / crazy mtb / jump / extreme movies ever made. All worth watching, even if just for the soundtracks, but a beautiful look into the world of the extreme riders! What they did was groundbreaking because they were the first to bring together the riders, the big money sponsors and the professional movie makers. That is why the films are so well made. Before them there were just amateurs who filmed their mates and ended up making shaky amateurish movies. From the start their films were beautifully put together to show the sport in the most exciting way up close and personal.


The Collective 









(I don't think Lunn was in Seasons?)

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A bit of a shocker. There have been two deaths in the last month from crashes, both Canadians. The first was a top skier who died after collapsing her chest/lung after hitting a tree and now a head injury for Jordie. I loved his lunatic videos and stop at nothing approach.


I wonder what actually happened. Sounds like they were off the beaten track and so I wonder if medical attention may have been slow or non-existent...

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