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Facebook scams & suspicious ads

Da Vinci

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So this was on a FB MTB page... Admittedly a while back now. I can't believe I'm the only one who sees this as suspicious - there were a few guys who did start questioning but initially loads were happy to buy the tires. The gent in question did answer our queries and he seems legit enough but I'm not sure about the source - even tho he said he gets checked by the cops often....


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I advertised my bicycle on Facebook Gauteng Marketplace, received a call and bank deposit proof of payment - which was fraudulent as the money was never deposited into my account. A driver was sent to collect the bicycle - I took a photo of the registration - FS 84 XB GP. I was phoned by the driver and the owner of the vehicle (so they claimed) with jpeg files and was told that they will bring the bicycle back if I pay the delivery fee - they claimed have kept the bicycle because the person who requested the delivery never paid them. I informed them that I will only pay the delivery fee if they bring back the bicycle with an invoice. They then claimed they got an affidavit to pawn the bicycle. Needless to say this was an elaborate scam. Person by the name of Isaac Tigelo used various telephone numbers: 078 999 4538, 078 746-8219, 060 570-7094, 078 872-3400. I suspect "Isaac's" real name is Ntandazo Silekwa - I received a message via Messenger saying he wants to buy the bike for his son and this profile was deleted later. Other telephone numbers of the "drivers" goes by the names of James (063 321 - 2970) and his "boss" Peter (078 829-1387) and 078 166-6277.


Please be careful and do not make the same mistakes I did. The only proof I have is the photo of the licence plate I took when the "driver" collected the bicycle. 


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The same guy tried to scam me using the following contact number 078 999 4538


He sent his driver but I refused to give the driver access until the money cleared, which it never did.


The ID copy he sent me was for Isaac Thapelo Tigelo and the proof of payment was from Nedbank and the account holder was St Albans Church.

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Thank you kindly, sounds like the same person, but Standard Bank and also said account holder St Albans Church. 

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Hi everyone 

the same guy is still continuing being assisted by SA lady the guy sounded like Nigerian. I advertised my stove on Facebook market and the lady contacted me told me she was interested then said she will send a driver to collect the stove. I told her she will have to make a pay and clear transfer so that I can give the stove to the driver. Few minutes later I received a proof of payment but with no money in the account the guy sent me his ID copy but still I waited then then decided to call them straight they were both online on WhatsApp but straight calls on voicemail that’s when I knew it was scam. I kept my stove and I am safe. Let’s be careful of Tigelo Isaac Thapelo. 5C21E39A-01F8-4B13-9735-CA9D8B272A2A.png.c460b8207276e72cd6bd2d432c488ba8.png




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I recently had someone try to scam me in a similar fashion with the fake SMS and PDF proof of payment, photo of their ID and a driver who came to collect the item. Fortunately, I didn't let go of the item, but many others have not been so lucky.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation where you've received a fake SMS payment notification via a long number (typically 16 digits), you can look can find out which SMS platform they used by entering the number on codes.waspa.org.za (make sure the number is formatted properly - no spaces, no leading +). Then, depending on how you feel you can either report it to the company, or lay a complaint with WASPA directly.

Unfortunately my WASPA complaint didn't really go anywhere, but hopefully if enough people report these kinds of messages they'll take it more seriously.

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So I checked the HA database Name matches the Id number but not the date of issue.

The original green  bar coded Id was issued  on 22/07/1995.

Furthermore if you check the font of the Id number, it also differs.

All RSA ID documents have a unique patented font for H A use only

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Ad looks dodge , perhaps anyone's bike

Also selling a "navigator"

Previously advertised on his profile a sworks with power meter

I could be wrong but putting it out there 






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