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Saddle Mount bottle cage


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Not sure where you are located, but look at the Xlab rear hydration systems, Xlab Delta, Xlab Sonic Wing or XLab Turbo wing which will be available at some triathlon shops.


Alternatively look at the Profile Design rear hydration systems.

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Pictures may help to see how it can be solved.

OP already states she knows what a saddle mount is and is asking where to get them.... so she knows how it can be solved....


@OP, for the Xlab stuff try Fluidlines https://fluidlines.co.za/collections/rear-hydration-carriers

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I see your High-Jack and raise you a solution  :clap:.




High-jack on, I(my wife) needs something to hold a bottle on the handle bars, any suggestions?

High-jack off.

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I have a problem carrying a second bottle on my bike. The saddle mount cage catches on my Tyre when the  suspension is used. Any idea where I can get a saddle mount.


I dont think that the roadie/triathlon bottle cage mounts will last to long on a MTB.


Depending on what bike you had, you could look at a Lyne Holy Rail (like CapeDiver suggests):




I put a spacer behind the upper seatpost mount so that I can move the bottle cage up without touching the saddle.






There is also something like this (but its in the UK, so not particularly useful advice) 


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Karen, it took me a while to find a working solution. I had a few problems. Trek with steep top tube. No place for a second bottle. Rear suspension. Dropper post too. Then also, all the cages I have seen, with these small tabs etc for supporting the bottle from underneath... When the bottle is full on a very rough track, the bottle works it's way past the tab and slides down and ends up contacting the back wheel. Every one I tried.


My solution in the pics below is a bit Heath Robinson but works perfectly for me. TACX seat mount. Serpa cages (note the V shaped bottom). Biogen bottles with a deep groove. Inverted V rubber anti-slip device on the bottom made from Sugru in the one case and Pratley Wonder Fix in the other case. Reusable rubber straps.


Have used this a lot on extremely rough, fast tracks and roads, including with my dropper all the way down (piece of silver rim tape on the post acts to limit movement to my preferred lowest post point). And I jump my bikes a bit. Nothing touches, nothing gets lost, nothing moves. I can carry 3x 750ml whereas before only 1x.



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