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TacX Trainer Setup

Rob Mortimer

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Can anyone assist in how to set this trainer for a 29" mountain bike?


Sorry if my terminology is dodgy ......... If I do manage to get the axle locked in then the wheel rests on the black plastic below the idler. If I change the drive unit position on the frame so that the wheel is on the idler then I cannot get anywhere near to locking in the axle





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Did you turn the knob under the lock-in lever, it will move the roller closer or further from the tyre. Perhaps it needs to move away from the tyre to accommodate the 29er wheel. For the road bike setup i have, once the bicycle is locked in, i had to turn the knob to move the roller closer to the tyre. Then lock it in by pushing down the lever.

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If memory serves there's more than one adjusting slot on the underside of the head-unit (the piece where the wheel rubs against). You need to unscrew the head unit (5mm allenkey) and then there will be another place for it to slot into (this is on the higher end models) - if this does not help get yourself a dedicated 26er wheel with a slick, this will be the least disruptive when only using one bike 



Thanks guys
Tried repositioning the legs and turning the know - no luck
Going to borrow a friend's road bike

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First, get hold of a indoor specific training tyre. 


Or at least a mtb slick tyre, I have had good results with Continental (sorry cannot remember the specific type) 

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Those trainers are not designed to run and 20" MTB tyre. Put a normal road tyre on that rim all will be fine


It is not good for a IDT to be used with a MTB tyre, it will vibrate and cause damage

That was exactly what I did with my Cyclops, just slapped in a road wheel on my MTB. Looked ridiculous but worked well.

That doesnt always work if you have TA on one and QR on the other though.

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