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Fraud Charges Against “Cycle Tour Operator”


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1 hour ago, Red Robin said:

Website went down about 20 to 25 minutes ago. 


Was going to say that I was looking at their "products" this morning, thanks for the heads up. 


There were a few positive reviews from a few hubbers if I remember correctly? Never had a good feel from the website. 

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Dudes, just be mindful of insinuating or suggesting anything that can be construed as inciting violence.

Many lawyer letters have been sent, he is watching this and monitoring who said what when.

IF somebody does take exception to him and he is harmed, anyone who has suggested a lynch mob, violence etc will be implicated.

Stick to the facts of his past scams, his naughty behaviour etc. He cannot pursue or prosecute anyone for that, but he can definitely try if he is attacked or feels attacked, especially if it is in digital black and white no take backsies....

He did at some point also try to create a different forum to this one, I can't remember the name, and posted the link to his new, 'competitive' forum site here in the forums. 

I'm not sure if anyone picked that up before the thread was deleted.

I guess what I'm saying is to just keep it clean, focus on the facts and don't give this dude ammo to come after you. 


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Has anyone reached out to the companies that are "Sponsoring" prizes? 


Maybe they are unaware their names are being used. 

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41 minutes ago, Jewbacca said:


It doesn't look like this particular WordPress theme posing as a website has taken off..... I don't think it had the pulling power he was hoping for......

That’s the one. Seems through an intermediary and/or fake profile he’s been trying fob this, the event and Affordable Outdoor Gear on a well known Facebook group, Pembi. 

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