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Speedy recovery NickyG


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A Picture of the thing that Nicky got hit by Yesterday ,the back arm was hanging loose and hit him on the back knocking him of his bike!!Angry


He has got a couple of bumps and rousties and a broken collarbone to show for it , 4 weeks of the bikeDeadDead,but I think he can be lucky its not worse.


Wish you a speedy recovery ,NickyG!!!

The indoor training is going to have to become your best friend now.
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TitusTi ,the back arm was not lock in and was hanging to the side ,so when it passed him ,he got knocked of by the the arm.

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NickyG - maybe you should go double up so that your stoker can be your extra eyes. Just kidding and hope you get well soon.

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Hell man dit was sleg om te hoor van jou "altercation" met daai TLB, hoe is dat jy die jaar met 'n gebreekte arm begin het by Nylstroom en nou dit weer afsluit met die sleutelbeen fraktuurWink.

Wel sterkte en hou moed en doen maar die trainer ding om aan die gang te bly.


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