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  1. Anybody know anything about an incident at G-spot today?
  2. Absolutely loving my Scott Genius 27.5 FS! Much more manoeuvrable (in my own way), and the plus tyres does wonders for confidence. BUT saying that, I specifically bought the Genius so that I could change to 29 wheels, should I wish to do so in future (and if I can find a decent but affordable set of wheels meeting all the specs!)
  3. Jonkers yesterday (and if anybody picked up a bank card...)
  4. Anybody know if Eden is accessible (gate open)?
  5. They should make it a requirement for passing a driver's licence: to ride a bicycle on a road shared by vehicles. Only then might there be some understanding. Its the same with pedestrians that get killed while crossing a motorway - most have probably never driven a car on a highway, and therefore have no grasp of the speed / lack of visibility etc. Heal up soon.
  6. Oh the irony...a PIE chart looking like a CHEESE...
  7. dannygirl

    The Munga 2019

    Much respect...that's just incredible.
  8. dannygirl

    The Munga 2019

    I don't even know the oke but I feel like crying with relief!
  9. dannygirl

    The Munga 2019

    Anyone know what the closest finish to cut-off has been?
  10. dannygirl

    The Munga 2019

    Ai, was hoping to see how close she'd get...but suppose there's no point once you've calculated that you're not going to make it across the line in time. A phenomenal effort, specifically with all the catching up over the last day or so...looking forward to see her cross the line next year!
  11. dannygirl

    The Munga 2019

    Quite a few riders still in Britstown, with the cut-off marker now having left there...
  12. Very good deal...my trusty 6D (which was stolen, and which I found on gumtree 6 months later - and which I got back - long story!) is getting on, and I WISH I had the cash to upgrade...
  13. I read the back-story of that sub-2 marathon just last night - absolutely fascinating! (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/50460861) I reckon you'd need to flatten all them hills on the Argust route and then some... World 1 hour record is 56km or thereabouts, on a track - I reckon it would be near impossible to do 109km in 2 hours even on a track.. You'd probably need a course with no wind / tailwinds, mostly downhill, minimal bends & turns... And then you'll need a vegan with the right gearing to launch an attempt...
  14. https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/RugbyWorldCup2019/put-an-asterisk-next-to-bok-world-cup-win-ex-ireland-lock-20191112
  15. Thanks. The reviews however state that they don't properly fit the 945, so I'd rather want to get the proper one (they do exist - Brotect makes them). However, I've been unable to find them in Cape Town, and the only bike shop online that stocks them, charges R350 plus R100+ for delivery - which I think is quite steep (a 3-pack costs 5.89 pounds - about R100).
  16. Anyone know where I can find a screen protector for the FR 945 in Cape Town? Most places try to sell me the ones for the 935, but numerous reviews report that these just don't fit the 945 properly.
  17. After a close call above Coetzenburg a few weekends ago where a rock-wielding tikkop tried to relieve me of my bike, I've been thinking about options for improving my personal safety when out alone on the bike. At this stage, the only viable option is directional pepperspray mounted on the handlebar - but this requires that I get fairly close to the perp. Any other ideas / suggestions?
  18. Eish, sorry to hear about this - hope your bike is found! On another note - I have the exact same bike, so please don't have me arrested on the trails!
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