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The Froome Dawg Thread


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1 hour ago, Jewbacca said:

I think (have read a few articles as well) that this stems from interactive nobodyism with an audience with zero consequence to the statements creating an emotional disconnect between Chris Froome the athlete and Chris Froome the person (insert other public figure/sports person).

So essentially people are comfortable making swathing comments, remarks and statements without even recognising that the subject matter is a person. 

The lack of accountability for on-line abuse and false information posting enables more and more people to jump on the wagon.

There are entire youtube channels and podcasts that JUST bash famous personalities. The Click and interact nature of news also means 'journalists' are 'publishing' absolute nonsense and people are reading and sharing it. 


All true, and there are a number of nuances in the way a lot of it works and unfolds.  
At the end of the day, the responsibility to not be a **** rests with the individual. 

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16 hours ago, love2fly said:


Bike setup? No way. At that level he'd notice it. Even an old amateur such as me would notice 2-3mm each way. I've seen Froomey ride a too small Shimano backup bike - it was ugly but he made it work for a bit 


While its expected to think this, You would be surprised.

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21 minutes ago, splat said:

An interesting article here:


I understand him better now after reading that last paragraph.
The past few articles about him had a different focus.
Looking forward to seeing what he achieves in the coming season.


Have seen this movie before, and MTN-Qhubeka threw actual resources at it, without much tangible success. There's still no reason to believe a Froome backed venture couldn't unearth huge talent, but the issues with visas, travel and learning to ride in the peleton remain as ever.

Seems odd to think that in the end the first east african marquee rider is actually a sprinter in Binian Grmay.



listened to the episode, there's a rather funny exchange.

GT: all the teams are top class now.

CF:indeed the level is much higher.

GT: they all have aero and wind tunnel access now. Don;t want to sound rude, but even your team, which is not a top team has wind tunnels. uh mean you do wind tunnel testing

CF:i haven't seen a wind tunnel since leaving Ineos......

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