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Anyone ride MTB trails with a BMX?


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Ok so I know this will sound silly, and I do expect the usual responses...


It's just that with all this talk of wheels size, is it possible/plausible/enjoyable to rie MTB trails wit a BMX?


I wouldn't mind doing some shorter flatter trails, and don't want to invest in a mountain bike as my road bike has already seen me break the bank a number of times! I know it'll happen with a MTB as well...


But I might be able not get hold of my trusty old bmx, then one I rode to and from school and all over with when I was a kid... And figured, with some knobblies on, maybe it would make a fun bike?


Anyone doing this, or why I shouldn't?


I know I wouldn't be able to sit down, and yes, it would only have a rear v brake, and yeah, it would be small... And a single speed! But, will it work well?

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Just give it a go and see how it feels, it'll be hard work but if you find a decent, smooth trail with some play sections you could have fun.

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ai toggie. surprised you started a thread when back in reality, you can ride anything with anything. but it's horses for courses. it wont be the best thing to use, but it will ride. So stop with the analysis paralysis, and get out there and just ride dammitall.


oh and what 2nutz said: pics of the injuries. :thumbup: :devil: :clap:

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I see a few guys every year ride the Argus on their BMXes. I would think that is better than riding proper mtb trails on a BMX. Thus, the logic is: Sell the road bike, buy a MTB, and ride road on your BMX. :ph34r:


Of course I'm just kidding! Yes, go ahead and try riding a shortish mostly downhill trail on the BMX, especially if it is somewhat groomed and without too many gnarly rocks and roots. Some berms and jumps could be fun too.


However, I predict that you'll soon realize the only real solution is to start saving for a mtb.

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If you have the skills then go play....If you don't haveThe skills go play any way.


PS...You will make the 29er rigi bikw riders look lame


I'd give my left nut to see the look on some 29er riders' faces when they get overhauled by a dude on a BMX going down their favourite piece of trail :devil: Someone should GoPro it!

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