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Smart trainer - your prefered app


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I have a smart trainer currently linked up with Zwift.


However Is see other options such as Sufferfest, BKOOl and Trainer Road.


What is your app?;

What is the cost?  

What is the benefit / Killer Feature?



I want to get more structured rides in, occasionally just jump on and ride , and the social would be a nice to have but not critical.


My only issue with zwift is the cost, currently with ZAR to dollar around R220 per month.

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Sufferfest @ $12.99. 4DP test assigns your rider profile and structures your training accordingly. Sync with free Training Peaks account.

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Google or search the forum, this has been discussed many times.

And things change and prices change and features change.

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Rouvy mostly, currently.

It has many routes, you can add your own, workouts, plus the "Premium" option allows you to link two family members' accounts. Training plans would be a nice addition, I think.


I like Zwift, but right now on the Android beta there are some bugs that annoy me enough to not bother.

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I am using Sufferfest and Zwift at the moment.


I would like to get a smart trainer tho to really enjoy the experience fully.

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I purchased my H2 on black friday deal, along with Aplle tv. That is the best setup to run Zwift on.. i like Zwift alot. On FTP builder 6 weeks program and i feel im improving and holding watts nicely. Zwift has so much interactions. The races and grouprides keep me busy enough. R229 is a bargain for what you getting. Go out for a night with the family and you spend twice that if you are lucky..

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If you are looking for social, Zwift is your best


If you are looking for structured training, perhaps one of the other apps.


I have been using Sufferfest for the last 4 months or so.


Very entertaining, very good training plans and great support system.

3 in 1 with


On the bike training plans

Off the bike strength plans




Also rolling out a brand new interface in January with even more features.


Cost is R185pm after the increase in November

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I use Trainerroad for structured training and Swift($15 month)for social riding. On TR there are many plans to choose from to suite all types of riding. I paid $99 upfront for the year and the beauty about TR is that you will never be subjected to any price increases as long as you are a member. There was an increase recently, $10 to $15 month and $99 to $129 per year.


Road Grand Tours is another online simulator currently in beta testing so currently membership is free. Graphics are better than Swift.


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Again.... this is from 2016....

And not much has changed apart from pricing,which is why DCR only does a review every 2 years. 


At least it will give you the list of all apps available, of what each can do.... which then you can DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH to further investigate the ones you have an interest in.

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IIRC, there is a Sufferfest promo with new Whaoo trainers... can anyone give details? I saw it, and can't find it again.

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